October 03, 2010

7 Highlights

In celebration of my blog's 7th anniversary, I thought of listing down 7 life highlights in the 7 years that I've been blogging.

1. My first movie screenplay
Prior to this, I've been script doctoring for other Star Cinema movies (Till There Was You to cite one) as part of my job as Creative Assistant but it's only until My First Romance that I finally got to see my name on the poster. Nowadays, I don't write scripts anymore but it's fun to read now how I acted so defensive about writing a teenybopper.

2. My first assistant director job
My first AD job was actually for Till There Was You but it's in All My Life where I was officially credited. Reading my All My Life entries now, I'm starting to get nervous about being Direk Lauren's AD again for a youth show we're producing. It's obvious I was really stressed out during the shoot. I just realized my first working relationship with Direk Lauren, who I now consider my mentor and "Tatay" in showbiz, was not smooth at all. :)

3. My first apartment
No, I didn't own it but after sharing a room with my parents or dormitory roommates for 24 years, I finally was able to afford renting an apartment and having a room of my own in 2004. Our UP Village abode was definitely a place of many beautiful memories - the impromptu post-PBB Celeb 1 celebration, Emman's 2005 birthday, my 26th birthday party, etc. I even wrote an emo entry about it when we left the place two years ago. Haha.

4. Film school!
In the end, it was worth the risk! The positive reception of my first short film Ang Asawa Kong Si Nikulet surely helped, too. :)

5. My first ____.
I'm sorry, it will remain a secret but the date will forever be etched.

6. My first heartache
At 26, I fell in love and got my heart broken. I even wrote a corny goodbye letter to express my pain. Haha! I experienced four more heartaches after but I guess the song is right, the first cut is the deepest.

7. Other memorable highlights
Haha! Madaya alam ko but I realized the past 7 years had so many highlights. I had a difficult time trimming them to 7. :p

- Yoboseyo Seoul
- First headwriting job
- First reality show
- First time in HK (Last March's Hongkong trip was memorable too!)
- THE Baguio trip of 2005
- THE scandalous 2005 elementary reunion
- PBB Celeb 1 Cebu-Iloilo immersion
- Meeting the Survivor castaways
- Rose's 28th birthday in Tagaytay
- Coron & Bora in 2009
- My worst yet most favorite birthday ever!

Actually marami pa. I know, right? I had a life after all! :D


saffron blue said...

"i had a life after all" - naman! more memorable highlights to come teddy! and keep blogging about it!

beatlebum said...

thanks yam! miss you!