May 29, 2009


They say it comes in 3's. Hopefully the next 1 will be the "one". :(

May 21, 2009


The "reality" season has just ended and so, how's my scorecard? :)


I purely based this on gut feel and I was right! The Asian siblings won! I'd love Mel and Mike to come back for the the All Star Season though. Heck, even deaf Luke and Mom, hot-tempered cheerleaders Kara and Jaime and my African American sistahs Kisha and Jen! Overall, the season's far better than last season's yawnfest.


I haven't correctly predicted the Survivor winner two seasons in a row. That sucks! JT did deserve to win although for a while there, I was rooting for Erinn just to bring some unpredictability to an otherwise predictable season. I hope next season will be better.


Kris was purely a gut choice and he won! I'm so happy. In fact my 3 picks to win were part of the TOP 4, woohoo! Wow, this is the first time since Kelly Clarkson that the eventual winner was not featured in the Audition and Hollywood rounds. Kudos to Kris! I think Kris will fare more like Jordin Sparks. If Danny won, he'll fare like Taylor Hicks. (Peace, Danny fans) Adam will be more like Fantasia, great GREAT performer but I'm not sure if his albums will sell. I'm just happy because Kris' winning is a big STFU to TPTB! Kala n'yo ma-manipulate n'yo ang mga tao with your pre-ordained Final 2 ha! Hehe :)

Goodluck winners! See you next season, reality freaks! :)

May 08, 2009

My short is short

It fell short of budget, that is. It's just a student film and the amount I need is only small but I haven't been exactly earning much after I resigned from regular work to study in film school. I hope you can help me out, fellow netizens! :)

Here are some of the pictures from the shoots so far.

Indie actor Arnold Reyes, former Ang TV star Farrah Florer, and Cinemanila Best Actress Angeli Bayani play parents of the lead child actors

Acclaimed scriptwriter Michiko Yamamoto wrote the script.

Cinemalaya Best Actress Ina Feleo plays a special role

Talented child actors Jairus Aquino (Super Inggo) and Mica dela Cruz (T2) portray the lead characters

Sayang naman kung di ko matapos. :(

May 01, 2009

Ang Asawa Kong Si Nikulet Day 1

Here are some of the pictures taken by my PM Yam Lacaba and her team during the first shooting day of my student short film. Whew! :)

The rest of the pictures are in My Multiply.

2 more shooting days to go! Wish me luck and pray for me please. :)