May 05, 2014

Seoul Trip 2014

It was a trip that almost did not happen. Booked the plane tickets after our Singapore vacation last year. Unfortunately, my mother died in September. My sister and I were hesitant to pursue the trip. It might be insensitive. However, we thought of Nanay. Knowing her, we know she would want us to continue. In a way, this trip symbolizes that life moves on for us and no matter where we are or where we're going, Nanay will always be with us in spirit.

Meanwhile, below are the things I did for the first time in my third visit to Seoul.

Drank soju and ate samgyeopsal

Ate at Tosokchon and tried their famous Chicken ginseng soup

Went to Changdeokgung Palace

Joined Changdeokgung's Secret Garden tour

Joined the JSA tour...

... where I got to be in North Korea for a few minutes, albeit inside the JSA building

Also got to see the controversial borderline in JSA

Went to the Ice Museum

Watched Seoul's Lotus Lantern parade

Rode the cable car to Namsan Tower

Cruised Hanggang River

Went biking in Nami Island

Took a pose in the famous bench of Locks of Love in Namsan Tower

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And if you have questions about traveling to Seoul or if you're curious about my 4-day itinerary, just leave a comment below.