June 11, 2005

All Good Things Must Come To An End

Sad as it may seem, my first youth show on TV, SCQ Reload will already have its final episode this Sunday. While I have been "on leave" from the show since it changed its title to "Kilig Ako", I still feel its loss. No matter what my artsy fartsy friends say, I'm proud of my work on the show. I'm also proud of what we have achieved. We were rating 20's when we were still daily (a task that's difficult to attain these days in the 6pm timeslot). We had two threads in PEX with fans constantly debating after every episode. We were the first youth show that's multi-character but whose characters are not part of one big happy barkada and whose storytelling is not episodic (well I'd like to be proud of that. Heh. :D) We beat Love to Love for four months since we began the weekend timeslot. (No previous ABS-CBN show had beaten the GMA drama after Tabing Ilog left Sunday afternoon. We started losing when Sandy abruptly left us and we had to do major revisions with the story arch). The show is not ending because of the ratings though. It's just that...well, there are things that's better left unsaid. Heh! :)

Heck, how can I forget this show? The show gave me the opportunity to headwrite a drama series. The show gave me the chance to travel to Korea (lame, I know but still! :D) But more than these, the show introduced me to the staff and crew, the friendships of whom I'm going to cherish forever. Thank you Direk Lauren, Direk Joyce, Direk Bea, Direk Jillmer, Direk Retchie, Miss Maru, Miss Mavic, Miss Mercy, Michiko, Emman, Chris, Ritchie, Kuya Henry, Nelson, Jon Moll, Ros, Piem, Judith, Homer, Ms Nancy and Olive. We shall be working together again.:)

Let me end this entry by reposting what our director posted in PEX.

I personally would like to thank everyone who, in one way or another, supported SCQ Reload till the very end. Especially those who stood by us during our daily show and as we transitioned to the weekly schedule, also when we eventually changed the title of the show to "Kilig Ako".

I have seen how active this thread has been. Your suggestions, comments, rants & raves , and heated discussions with one another have made this show a success and has helped sustain it for 1 whole year.

Together, we laughed, cried, and loved as we watched our favorite characters take on life's challenges head-on.

But as they all say: "Every good thing must come to an end". And so it has for this wonderful show.

For most of you, the program's abrupt end may come as a surprise. For some, you may not have total closure. I only wish it could have ended more smoothly, but due to the circumstances, it would be terribly hard to do so.

I hope everyone would have the time to watch our final episode this Sunday, June 12, 2005.

Thank you, everyone. Thank you. Thank you very much for everything. Till next time.

Reload lives on.

Awwww. As the character of Melissa would say, this is so sadness...


CF said...

Awwww.... that's so sad! :(

To think I was looking forward to seeing how Sarah and Hero's story would develop...

Hay... sobrang emotional roller coaster na ang mga shows this week!

CF said...

Unseen footage daw ang magiging replacement ng Kilig Ako? WOW!