October 31, 2003

Shameless Plugging

Allow me again to shamelessly plug My First Romance still showing in theaters nationwide. It's a long weekend so I hope you find time to catch it. Last I heard, we're doing very good so thank you to those who watched already as well.

The premiere night last Tuesday was a blast, by the way. There was a cast party in Cibo after and I got to mingle with the "artistas" again. I am such a fanatic! :) I was surprised John and Heart still remember me from the original (shelved) My First Romance project. It was also good making "chika" with Lloydie and Bea again. But the highlight of the evening for me? Having my picture taken with Tita Glow! LOL! :D Ang saya saya noh?!

October 30, 2003

Radio Ga-Ga

It's been more than two weeks already since I started living a television-free life. I tell you, it sucks! If before, I always look forward to bum days because I would get to see my favorite TV shows, now I dread staying in my boarding house for even just an hour. I'm so pathetic. I miss Rory and Lorelai! I miss Mommy Elvie in Misadventures! Heck, I even missed the series finale of Dawson's Creek! (Although thanks to Miaka's generousity, she recorded the show for me.)

Good thing (or consolation enough), my roomie left his radio in our room. Back in college, I was the radio guy. Our dorm TV's on until 1am only and since there were like hundreds of us sharing one boob tube, I turned myself to the radio. Man, those were the days! My faves then were NU 107 and RJ Radio. And I was the OC listener. I'd stay up until 12midnight just to hear the Midnight Countdown and not only that, I had a notebook wherein I listed down the top 12 hits per week! :) I still remember purist rocks fans getting angry when Hanson's "Mmm Bop" made it to the charts, Fuel's "Shimmer" staying put in the countdown for more than one year, and Weezer's chart-topper "Pink Triangle" being my official rock anthem in sophomore college. Being a happy lister, I followed both charts of NU's and Rick Dees (so I also get updated with American Pop.) My affinity for radio ended when I graduated from college and began working. And since I worked for the visual medium, I started focusing more on TV and the cinema.

Things have surely changed while listening again to radio these days. There's already a Jam 83.9 station that plays some good acoustic pop. KC FM which used to be "We Are Family" KC radio is now gone. Chico and Delamar are back in Monster Radio. Radio Romance is already DWRR "For Life" and together with "Kailangan pa bang I-memorize yan" are the "jologs" radio stations to reckon with. They already upstaged Campus Radio "Forever!" which back in college overused the Mission Impossible theme as its station jingle. :) I'm already not familiar with the deejays but I never was anyway. It's because I don't like it when deejay's talk more about themselves and their opinions about floppy issues rather than the music. As if the fake American twangs aren't irritating enough!

I am very glad though that NU 107 still rocks! They still have deejays with fake British twangs but at least their Remote Control Weekend remains playing good music. It's definitely nostalgic to hear Creeper Lagoon's "Dear Deadly", Blur's "Beetlebum" (from which I got my pseudonym), and Better than Ezra's "At The Stars". Listening to the Midnight Countdown last Saturday, I realized how I missed some good music because of not listening to the radio. Among the hits that weekend, I like Me 1st and The Gimme Gimme's version of "The End of the Road" (a riot!). Itchyworms topped the charts with "Buwan". (And the deejay told the listeners that they're on Friendster! Oh really! "Just type Itchyworms as the first name and Band as the surname.") Itchyworms is a decent band but nothing really beats the Pinoy alt-pop bands of the mid-90's. Itchyworms just sounds so bohemian burgoise, although to their credit they make their own music.

The good effect is that listening again to good music made me want to mixed tapes (or CDs now) again. I used to do this in college, being poor and not being able to afford an orig CD or even, tape. In fact I shared my mixed tapes with my younger sis and I'm so glad that it made her want to become an alt-chick rather than a pop bimbo considering she's part of the Spice Girls and Britney era. Don't get me wrong though, I love the Spice Girls but you must admit you don't want your younger sisters to act like them. So anyways, I checked my High Fidelity yearend list of Top 10 songs since 1999 and asked my good friend Michiko to burn the music for me. Looking at my list, I was surprised how mainstream I've become after I graduated. I was embarrased to see Britney Spears, A1 and N'Sync on my list along with Collective Soul and Fatboy Slim. :) But only temporarily because I did like those songs and one thing I don't wanna become is to be the snobbish music listener. So what if I like the Dido-composed "I'm Not A Girl Not Yet A Woman?"?!? :) Liking those pop songs is actually symbolic and memorable for me since those were also the years when I began working for mainstream media; working for which ironically opened up my mind and freed myself from elitism. Who has the authority to say what's cool and uncool to listen to anyway? When I was younger, I listened to a lot of "jologs" songs and I wasn't ashamed to sing along with them. The "cool" concept is just uncool. Music should be looked more as part of our life stories and society's history.

As Madonna croans, "Music makes the bourgoise and the rebel." :)

October 29, 2003

We got a B!

Oh my God! This is really insane! This is crazy! My First Romance got a B rating from the Film Ratings Board. This means our film got their seal of approval and is subject to 65% tax rebate. I totally did not expect this. Wow. WOW! :) I am so happy! I am totally ecstatic! :) And I'm sorry for being unabashedly proud but I guess, I did write a "quality" flick. :)

My First Romance opens nationwide today. Please watch! :)

October 28, 2003

Of Buzz and Hype

Watching Freaky Friday (an example of a formula movie that really works!) last weekend, I got to see the trailer of Metro Manila Filmfest entry Crying Ladies. I was completely in awe. It is one of the better trailers local cinema has produced. It is short in length but it leaves you wanting for more (very different from the spoon-feeding of info done by other local movie trailers.) The thing that got me really excited was seeing Sharon Cuneta in an offbeat role. The Megastar plays a hustler in this indie movie! Yes! What the heck just happened?!? A casting coup indeed, and a good move on Sharon's part.:) It's about time she does some experimentation instead of doing the usual tested parts. I mean, nobody contests her marketing clout any longer so she shouldn't be fearful in doing a move like this. Amazing Hilda Koronel also stands out in the trailer. Don't let the title fool you into thinking this is a heavy drama, though. The movie is a dark comedy directed by upstart Mark Meilly.

That and Jeffrey Jeturian's Bridal Shower are the two movies I'm excited to see in the December filmfest. Shani (who works in Bridal Shower as stylist) told me that the script is really good and very funny. Having seen all his past movies, I have high hopes Bridal Shower will be another Jeturian classic. Aside from Mike de Leon and Mario O' Hara, Direk Jeffrey is a living Filipino film director whose body of work (Sana Pag-ibig Na, Pila Balde, Tuhog) is consistently excellent.

So there, Crying Ladies and Bridal Shower are my two "IT" Pinoy movies to see, more than the overhyped Mano Po 2 and Filipinas (the premise of which is sooo The Corrections.)

I just hope Crying Ladies and Bridal Shower live up to my own hype.

October 26, 2003

I Predict!

With only 10 castaways left and the impending return of the 6 bootees, I still predict any among

to be the Sole Survivor of Survivor: Pearl Islands! To heck with the spoilers! I'm basing this along editing lines.

See, we shall. :)

October 24, 2003

So I Wrote a Teenybopper

The first movie I wrote (co-wrote actually) that has my name actually credited on it (I've done some ghost writing in the past as part of my previous job) will finally be shown next week. And I'm bracing my heart and ego out for all the reactions (harsh or otherwise) that I will be getting.

As I told you, I didn't really think much when I accepted the offer to write the movie. I know it's a big deal to others but the thing is, I don't really consider myself a writer (yeah, I know, what an ingrate! :D ). All I thought of that time was how to earn money and survive that's why I immediately said yes not remembering the ghosts of past from my Pangako Sa 'Yo writing days. True enough, writing the script brought some major hassle (which I have no intentions of disclosing), but I know I will also be lying to myself if I'll tell you that I didn't have fun writing the movie.

It was a blast! My partner Tessa is a brilliant and fun writer. I like to believe we complemented each other and she brought out the best in me. What I like about us is that we were AWARE we were writing a teenybopper, so instead of being artsy-fartsy or in denial about it, we embraced the formula, pushed it to its maximum and looked for novel ways to tell the story (pop culture references, blatantly aware characters, no holds-barred storytelling, a knowing wink to the audience, almost parody situations, the works!). Once you let go of your inhibitions and not think about the perception of others, that's when the fun of writing starts. I don't wanna be the writer who complains that mainstream media oppressed my creativity because I do am satisfied with our finished draft and fully know that I'm not writing a film for Cannes. :D

A scriptwriter friend once told me that when you write a script, pour your heart and soul in the first draft coz after that draft, the script will never be yours again. Inputs from the director, the stars handler, the creative department, the producers and who's who will be poured in. Moreover, once you submit the final draft, you will leave everything to the hands of the production people - the director's direction, the actor's acting, the postproduction process. Mainstream moviemaking is a team effort and that's something writers should accept, my friend added. True enough, my friend's right.

That is why even if I still haven't seen the final cut, I'm ready to expect the unexpected (but hoping that even a semblance of our vision is retained.) Because what's important to me is that I know Tessa and I did our best to freshen up the teenage romance genre and write the best that we could out of the tried and tested formula; hoping of course, that everyone will appreciate our work.

Yes, I wrote a teenybopper movie and critics and detractors be damned, I am DARN PROUD OF IT! :D

*My First Romance One Love episode starring John Prats and Heart Evangelista is written by yours truly and Theresa de Guzman. The movie opens in theaters October 29 with a premiere night on the 28th in SM Megamall. Help save my non-existent career. Go watch the movie!

October 21, 2003

Thank God it's Friendster

I am embarrassed with my addiction to Friendster. I surf countless hours just to see who I'm connected with. I secretly find myself delighted whenever I receive another ego-blowing testimonial. I readily reply to the countless forwarded "slumbook" emails now put in bulletin board form. Heck, I even want to achieve the most number of Friendsters in the whole wide web! (Do I hear a P for pathetic?!? :D )

Wanting to be a part of anything Pop Culture, my addiction began when I read a news article on Yahoo! telling me that Friendster is the most popular website. I got so curious as to why that I found myself signing up and inviting my friends. It was something that I didn't find anything new at first (I swear, I received a snail mail version of this Six Degrees of Separation thingy back in high school), but when my personal network increased in numbers, I soon realized the joys of being a Friendster. Nothing beats the feeling of finding a friend you lost contact with!


Anna Larrucea is already my Friendster! Being a sucker for "artistas", this is a dream come true for me. Hehehe :D Me, Mich, and Shani actually urged everyone on the set of My First Romance to be a part of the Friendster phenomenon. Actually, Mich (being a famous designer) has many "artista" Friendsters but I vowed to myself that I will only add an "artista" Friendster (or any Friendster actually) if I know them personally. That's why when I found out Anna accepted my invite, I was really shamelessly happy!


The current face picture on my Friendster profile is causing some kinda commotion. Hehe :D (It's posted in the upper right corner of this Blog to those who don't have access to my Friendster profile). The picture is just sooo funny, I guess. It reminds everyone of an infamous photo shoot by the celebrity son of a certain star for all seasons (not obvious, eh?! ;) ). I didn't plan on posing like that, though. It was all Yam's fault. I took some pictures of her for her Friendster profile but being a filmmaker that she is, she wanted me to pose first for her so she could see her angle. So there!

Two of the funny reactions I got from that picture came from my former crush who plainly said "Ewan ko sa pic mo ha" and somebody who happened to pass by my profile (her name is Jezel) who told me that my pic would only get the inside flap because Lucky's already centerfold. Hehe :D And I'm blushing from humiliation.

Uber Biatch!

I just got back from watching The Magdalene Sisters in G4. I watched it rather alone because my artsy-fartsy friends have seen it already and all I can say is WOW, what a beautiful and powerful film! Okay, okay, it's a bit (no, not a bit) biased against the Catholic religion but the acting, the direction, cinematography, screenplay - everything is just sublime, you kinda forgive the fact that it may be a propaganda movie. I was actually moved by the film and thanked heavens afterwards that I wasn't born in "pre-historic" era. Yes, the movie's intentions may be questionable but we can't also argue that the story's so real. I must know. I was a former altar boy and I'd seen some devouts being so narrow-minded and unjustly strict with regard some acts of superstition disguised as tradition. Before I get stoned here, I want to clarify that I'm still a practicing Catholic and this is no generalization.

See the movie for yourself to know what I mean. Good movies are rare nowadays.

October 20, 2003

Walking Contradiction

I'm thinking of something to write but I'm just too tired to think of something. So without wasting this Blogger-sponsored space, I will just post the lyrics of Alanis Morisette's "Hand in My Pocket." I'm kinda rediscovering the song these days. Aside from the fact that it reminds me of the good 'ol days in Kalayaan (freshie dorm in UP-Diliman and subject of the Eraserheads' classic "Minsan"), I also feel that the song's lyrics aptly describes my state of mind and heart at present.

Here goes...


I'm broke but I'm happy
I'm poor but I'm kind
I'm short but I'm healthy, yeah

I'm high but I'm grounded
I'm sane but I'm overwhelmed
I'm lost but I'm hopeful baby

What it all comes down to
Is that everything's gonna be fine fine fine

I've got one hand in my pocket
And the other one is giving a high five

I feel drunk but I'm sober
I'm young and I'm underpaid
I'm tired but I'm working, yeah
I care but I'm restless
I'm here but I'm really gone
I'm wrong and I'm sorry baby

What it all comes down to
Is that everything's gonna be quite alright
I've got one hand in my pocket
And the other one is flicking a cigarette

What it all comes down to
Is that I haven't got it all figured out just yet

I've got one hand in my pocket
And the other one is giving the peace sign

I'm free but I'm focused
I'm green but I'm wise
I'm hard but I'm friendly baby
I'm sad but I'm laughing
I'm brave but I'm chicken shit

I'm sick but I'm pretty baby

What it all boils down to
Is that no one's really got it figured out just yet
I've got one hand in my pocket
And the other one is playing the piano

What it all comes down to my friends
Is that everything's just fine fine fine

I've got one hand in my pocket
And the other one is hailing a taxi cab...

October 17, 2003

It's A Wrap

Have you seen that Making the Video teaser on MTV wherein Britney (or was it Shakira?) screamed the words "IT'S A WRAAAAAP!!!" ?!? :-) I've seen it too many times and always, I get irritated with the way Britney (or Shakira) screams them. But hearing those words live and for real last Wednesday, during our last day of shoot, it actually felt bittersweet. I mean, I felt happy and relieved because the pressure from work is already over but I also felt sad because I know I'm going to miss the people I've worked and became friends with from shoot. Forgive me for another Survivor parallelism but again, I felt like I just survived 39 days on the island and even if the experience brought me many ups and downs, and I didn't really like all the people involved; fact is, I'm still going to miss the experience.

So instead of focusing on the negative, I am going to talk about the positive for a change. Heh! :) These are the things that made My First Romance shoot a fine and memorable one.

- The cast. They are all easy to work with. No primadonnas this time. All professionals. I particularly bonded with Bea, Anna and Allyson. They seem mature for their age. Or am I the one childish for my age? :)

- Mico and John Lloyd doing the gay talk. This is just so funny. Imagine hunky hunks Mico and John talking in gay lingo?!? :)

- Shani and Mich, the stylist and the designer respectively. In real life setting, there is no way I would be friends with them (they're way too cool and I'm way too jologs!), but I really bonded with them (especially Shani) during the shoot. Mich is also the epitome of FUN. I will definitely miss my angst moments with Shani.

- Direk Don. He may be a bit OC but I love him! He doesn't curse like the others. Magaan katrabaho.

- The Batangas shoot. We hardly slept during the shoot but I didn't even notice it. I will particularly remember Tita Lisa being drunk and singing Beatles songs (riot!), Dominic showing his butt to the fans (I'm serious!: ) ) and me and Shani carelessly leaving our room key inside. The ending: we had to knock on Direk's room and sleep with him.

- The terms "kaon, Edna, kaon", simplicity (meaning "pa-simple") and "kapitbahay" (meaning "epal") creatively coined by our AD Omar and make-up artist Edna. And of course "you really rocks!!!" :D

- I may have annoyed them but I secretly find satisfaction every time I refer to John Lloyd as Koolits, Bea as Kristine Hermosa, Mico as Bernard Palanca and Anna as Threena (her character in Batang X). Hehehe :D

- Atenean soccer "coach" Alvin and his obvious star-struck mode towards Bea. Also, all the gays on the set were flirting with him and he didn't even notice it. LOL! :D

- Bea and John Lloyd's fans when they're so "galante" and bring food for the staff every time they visit. I love them! :D

- Speaking in "sh" using the colegiala accent. "Kashe, pumunta pa shang shtarbucksh sheh!" "Enzsho! Enzsho!" It never fails to crack me up whenever I hear Omar, Anna or John Lloyd talk like this.

Anyways, we celebrated the last day of shoot via a cast party in Pork Barrel, Timog. It's a beerhouse in the truest sense of the word. Haha! :) I had so much fun singing karaoke and dancing with Mich and Bob, our art director. We sang "jologs" songs like Boom Shak A Lak (winner!) and Barbie Girl. :D

After which, Direk Don (with Direk Manong) treated us to a gay bar. Mich correctly captured the experience in her live journal. A fun read, I swear! :)

Meanwhile, below are my pictures with the three stars of My First Romance - Bea, Allyson and Mich! :D Oo na, showbiz na ako! :D

October 13, 2003

The Space Between

I had some serious bout of depression today. I just realized we only have two shooting days left and after that, it's again a time of uncertainty for me. What will I do next? In true After Image fashion, what will life offer me? Not that I'm oblivious to this as a major consequence of leaving a stable job but obviously, I'm still not ready. My freelancer friends told me that this will always happen. But you can't fault me. This is really new and unusual for someone who's taught the normalcy of getting a secure and high-paying work, instead of just doing what you love. Of course, this happened already.

Last summer, work is more than fine. I got my first Assistant Director job for the supposed launching movie of the John-Heart loveteam. But a major hitch (which I couldn't disclose) came about and the movie got shelved. For the first time since the year 2000, I found myself jobless. For the first time, the effect of being a freelancer hit big on me. I didn't know what to do. Fearing for whatever (my future or whatever), I immediately accepted the next job offered to me - to write a teenybopper for the new John-Heart project. I was not thinking.

Writing again brought back some unwanted emotions from my soap writing days. (I'm a reluctant scriptwriter, up to now). By the time we submitted the 6th draft (to think the movie's a light one), it dawned on me that I really need a break. And what better place to have a break than home?! :-) The break was a breather (got re-acquainted with my childhood and high school buddies and attended a beautiful wedding) but I also know that a break should remain a break. I didn't know what to do though, so aside from deciding to go back to school, I chose to freakin' wait (what a loser!) Not long after, I got a text from Ms. Elma (our wonderful supervising producer) asking me to go back to Manila for a script continuity job. (The person above is really good and I am teary eyed.)

And so, here I am again, partially clueless as to what will happen next. I mean, I know I'm going to study my Masters next sem (as to where I will get my tuition money, I don't know). I also know that Ms. Elma already offered me (kinda, coz everything's not sure in showbiz until the first shoot day) another project. Still, I also know that once's the next project's over, there will always be this space between. When will this space be filled? Will there always be cliffhanger episodes? How will this end?

You know it's really funny when I read the blogs of people my age and always, their main topics are about love and relationship problems. How I wish mine would be more like those and not the dilemma of surviving this third world life. I say how blessed they are, they only have to focus on their love and "me" lives.

A part of me hopes I'm making a mountain out of a molehill.

October 12, 2003

Coffee and TV

Fate is really against me.

I got home from a 24-hour shoot six this morning and still overdosed with caffeine and 3 caplets of pain reliever. I was "bangag" literally. It turned out to be a blessing in disguise for I felt nothing when I found out our TV's broken. Yes! Last week, the VCR ... today, the boob tube. Am I lucky or what? Is this what you call a charmed life? Am I ridiculously redundant if I continue reiterating that I don't have moolah to buy a new set?

I need sponsorship. I like to think I'm serious.

October 07, 2003

Everything and everything will be fine

Our shoot got packed up again today. I've been "free" (meaning, without work) since Sunday. If this was 2001, I would have been the happiest guy alive. But the realities of 2003 are just harsh. Fact is, I don't have enough money for my social life. I'm a production worker now. Pay here is small, unlike what I used to get when I was both a regular employee and soap opera writer.

I know I chose this. Back in 2001, money was never a problem. Ego and "me" time were. I was working 24/7. On weekdays, I had my regular 10 to "sawa" job. On weekends, I had soap. Until it came to a point wherein I got drained in all aspects (psychologically, mentally, physically, and all the other 'llys). I became very depressed. I thought "I'm only 21 and I have no life already." I may have all the money in the world but I don't have time for myself, my friends and my family. So I made the major decision of just pursuing something that I love. I resigned from both jobs (and declined subsequent soap writing offers) and entered the world of movie production. From that moment on, I decided I would only do something that I like.

But idealism is just idealism. Almost two years have passed and I'm still a struggling film worker. Believe me, I enjoy movie production and it's definitely less stressful (just more physical) than my previous jobs but I find it less challenging when it comes to creativity. I think that when you work in movie production and you're not the director, cinematographer or part of the production design team (costume, make-up, art direction), then you don't have a creative job. Feel free to argue but this is just my belief.

My other complaint is that movie production workers are underpaid. (This is an understatement.) I mean, come on, our jobs are unstable, we're paying VAT, it's just fair that we should be getting a big sum of money.

Moreso, I'm missing my friends from my old jobs. My co-workers in movie production are cool people but I am just not able to establish close relationships with them. It seems that there's always a front or we just don't connect (except for a few.) As I always say, working in a movie production is like playing a game of Survivor. You meet different kinds of people with different motives. It's just up to you to know your strategy in order to survive the biz. That's why, trivial as I may sound, Survivor did help me survive the cruel world of showbiz.

Which brings me back to the morale of the story - you can't have the best of both worlds.

October 06, 2003

Confessions of a Couch Patatas

I feel incomplete.

Last week, after a straight 5-day shoot for the movie My First Romance, I was excited to go home to watch the TV shows I recorded on my VCR. Being a couch "patatas", I regularly record my favorite shows and that week was more exceptional since Gosford Park and the Joey Gosengfiao classic Temptation Island were shown on cable. Imagine my dismay when I found out my VCR got broken. I immediately panicked. Not only because I would be missing the last two episodes of Dawson's Creek but also because I know VHS players are already obsolete. (Read: they're already priceless for us, pop culture fans in Third World countries who don't have Tivo yet.) Besides, even if I search Buy & Sell, I know I don't have the money to buy another used one.

So I texted all my friends around my area and asked if they know of an electronic store that fixes VCRs. My former roommate Marlon recommended Mr. Fix It along Katipunan. The store looked "professional" enough so I thought they would provide a fast and efficient service. Well guess what, my VCR has been with them for a week already (they told me it will be done in 2 days) and they still haven't fixed it! What more, if I hadn't texted them last weekend, they wouldn't have updated me about its status. And still they have the nerve to ask for more money since they also just (the key word here is "just") found out that some gear needs to be replaced! I am really angry. These are the days that I wish I pursued law.

Now I'm usually the patient kind and it's definitely not in my character to ruin the reputation of someone's business but you know this is too much! You must understand that this comes from someone whose major vice is watching television. If you're a chain smoker, think about how you felt when the government started imposing a smoking ban in public places. My feeling's much worse.

I'm calling them again later to find out how much they're going to charge me for that "gear". If the amount's incredible, I guess I have no other choice but grab the latest Buy and Sell.

October 03, 2003

Win Some, Lose Some

- Read the Master Disaster entry I wrote last Wednesday? I GOT IN! :D
- Got my predictions right for the Survivor: Pearl Islands game in Pinoy Exchange! It was a good thing for me not to follow the spoilers and just read along the editing lines.

Big L!
- The portion of the concept fee I told you about yesterday is still on hold.
- My weekly pay for work got into my account belatedly.

This means I'm going to have a penniless weekend. Sucks! I know we're taught that the cliche "money makes the world go round" is untrue but come on, we're just fooling ourselves. Which reminds me, since I will be a self-supporting part-time student next semester, will I still pay for my taxes? Somebody answer me.

October 02, 2003

Best Friends With Benefits

Our shoot got packed up today so I decided to text my jog partner Rose C. to catch a screening of Kung Ako na Lang Sana, the Sharon-Aga movie. Being former employees of Star Cinema (she still writes for them, for the soap Kay Tagal Kang Hinintay), we easily got passes.

Okay... actually... the reason why we easily got passes was because we were part of the team that brainstormed the movie's concept (you'll see our names in the closing billboard). :) I'll let you in a secret, though. Truth is, had I not been reminded by Guia (a Creative Assistant of the company), I would not have remembered brainstorming for the Sharon-Aga movie. It's embarrassing, I know! :) It's just that the brainstorm happened decades ago (December 2002, if i'm not being OA) and we, like, brainstormed a lot (a lot!) for the two stars that time. The fact that it's the generic (ok, kinda) "best friends in love" concept which was approved didn't help heal my amnesia at all.

But I guess it's a cool thing. To be invited by Star Cinema to brainstorm for them, and me saying something like "...maybe, to help the audience adjust to the uncomfy Sharon-Aga team-up, we'll just cast them as best friends unknowingly in love with each other and, you know, just have them profess their love in the ending already ala the first season of Dawson's Creek..." would result in getting a portion of the concept fee months later and having my name on the movie's closing credits is really really COOL! I like it! :) The phrase "life's unexpected surprises" comes into play.

The movie's a good one, by the way. Direk Joey wrote a very rich and realistic screenplay. The actors also acted well. I mean, for my cynic friend Rose C. to cry in a movie, it must be really good.

As for me, here's to hoping Guia will invite me again to another brainstorm session.

October 01, 2003

We Are All Made of Stars

A pause for some shameless plugging for the movie My First Romance (to tentatively open on October 29). The movie stars Bea Alonzo and John Lloyd Cruz. Needless to say, I work in the movie. :)

Master Disaster

I think I just blew up my application for a Masters Degree in Media Studies (Film). I totally performed horrendously in the essay writing, more so during the interview process.

The essay writing started at 9am sharp. I entered the room still "wasted" since we packed up from shooting past midnight already. It didn't help that I'm not really what you call a morning person. Looking at my co-applicants, I began feeling left-out. From their appearance alone, you know these people are of the "artistic" kind. I know Melanie Marquez said not to judge a person because he is not a book but I couldn't help thinking that I look so freakin' normal!!! I don't look like a filmmaker wannabe!!! It didn't help that I saw Ramon Bautista among the applicants. Man, he is the god of UNTV! Am I worthy to be sitting beside him? And do I not sound shallow already?

Then the essay writing questions came out. "What research topic are you interested in?" "How do you plan to attain the answers to your query?" "Elaborate on your study plan." (Yadda yadda yadda!) Whoa! I kept thinking, isn't it enough that I just wanted to study again? Do I really have to answer all those stuff, like, that very moment?

I may sound like a whiner here and yes I'm one, but what if I'm still in the process of finding the answers myself? What if, maybe, that's the reason why I want to take up a masters degree? To know what I really like, er, want!

In the end, I chose to answer the political economy of local mainstream moviemaking today and its effects on the aesthetics of the produced film as a potential research topic. I like to believe the topic's "astig" but I am also fully aware that I wasn't able to elaborate on it well. This came obvious during the interview process when panelist Joel David (another god!) kept on correcting my stammering thoughts.

The results will be known on Friday at the earliest. Let's see if it will turn out to be a freaky one.