October 04, 2006

Bad Father!

Ooops, I just realized I forgot my blog's birthday last September 29! Belated happy birthday to my 3 year old son! Wow, it's been that long! :)

I Heart Torrent!

Eversince my VCR died, I haven't been able to follow new TV shows. The last new show whose first season I fully watched was Desperate Housewives and that was still in 2004. But thanks to Torrent (the new VCR for those who don't have Tivo), I think I am going to follow two new shows whose pilots I enjoyed.

Ugly Betty


I still have to download the network version of The Nine's premiere. I heard it's good. I didn't enjoy Studio 60 on Sunset Strip (too close to home!) and Brothers and Sisters (loved Griffiths and Flockhart more in their old shows, Six Feet Under and Ally McBeal respectively.)

How about you? Any new shows to recommend? :)