January 13, 2016

Be My Lady

I don't know if there are still people reading my blog but I sure hope you guys watch my new soap opera, Be My Lady.  It starts airing this January 18, 11:30am, right before It's Showtime, on ABS-CBN. :)

January 02, 2016

2016 Goals

Before setting new personal goals, I think it's proper to go back to my past New Year goals just to see if this is an exercise in futility.

2010 Goals

1. Lose weight
Obviously my weight has been fluctuating since 2010.  I gain weight when I have a regular soap.  I lose weight when I'm on taping break.
Present GoalLose weight even if I have a regular taping schedule. Go back to the gym.  Eat in moderation.

2. Stop being tactless
I would like to think that I'm now good in keeping some things to myself.  Goal achieved!

 3.  Learn to swim.
Finally after 5 years, I enrolled in a swimming class last December.  I still haven't finished.
Present Goal:  Finish my swimming classes and be able to swim in deep water.

4.  Save money.
I did move to my own condo unit last year; albeit, still regularly paying the bank for the housing loan.
Present Goal: Continue saving money to be able to pay the loan and buy a new car.

 5.  Finish short.
My short film Ang Asawa Kong si Nikulet was screened in SM Cine Expo last August 2010.  Goal achieved!

 6.  Read more.
Sadly, I wasn't able to achieve this
Present Goal: Just like in 2010, I hope to read one book a month this year.

7.  Go out with friends more.
I may not see my friends often but I now prefer meaningful than multiple meet-ups.  I've also reached that point in life wherein I'm already secure about who my real friends are, even if we rarely meet.  Goal no more!

8.  Lessen internet time.
With my hectic taping schedule, I am forced to lessen internet time.  Goal no more!

9.  Learn to say no.
I did, countless times, and I love it!  Goal achieved!

10.  Stop procrastinating.
This is so difficult especially when one is physically tired or psychologically stressed out.  My work does those to me all the time.
Present Goal:  Learn how to focus!

2013 Goals

 1. Travel more.
I did!  Save for Bicol, I've been to the countries I hoped to travel that year.
Present Goal:  Travel pa more! (Cambodia, UK, France, Sweden, Ilocos, El Nido)

2. Sleep more and early when not working.
This has become a natural occurrence more than a goal.  Goal no more!

3. Direct an MMK episode or a commercial film.
I have been fortunate and blessed to be able to do both since then.
Present Goal: Direct an independent film.  Collaborate with a good writer on your dream project.

4.  Live, Laugh, Love.
This shouldn't be a goal.  This should be inherently embodied.  Goal no more!

5.  Pray. Keep the faith.
I still believe in the power of prayer.  Prayer helps me feel relaxed and stressed-out.  It also humbles me and makes me feel grateful for all the blessings.
Present Goal:  Set aside time to pray and meditate.

To make my present goals ten, I also hope to love myself more and (don't laugh) go back to the dating scene this year.  I think I'm ready. Haha!

I actually felt very light and fulfilled every time I wrote Goal achieved or Goal no more.  I will work hard in achieving these goals.