September 23, 2006

Still Amazing at 10!

Finally, I was able to see the premiere episode of The Amazing Race 10! I think this particular installment has a very good promise. It also seems that race diversity is the name of the game when it comes to casting US reality shows this season, which is good since it presents to the viewers more varied personalities.

I predict any of the following teams to win the race based on gut feel and how they were presented during the first episode.

James & Tyler

Rob & Kimberly

Dustin & Kandice

But like in Survivor, I'm rooting for Asians Godwin & Erwin! :)

September 15, 2006


It's Survivor season once again! This time, the producers tweaked the concept a bit by dividing the tribes based on race. Pretty interesting but very controversial. It will surely be fun to watch if this particular social experiment will pass or fail.

Anyway, here are my predictions as to who's going to win based on gut feel from watching the first episode! You gotta represent each tribe. :)





But of course, I would love it more if Fil-Ams Jenny and Brad win! :)


Okay, I admit. I love Quark Henares' videos. I think he's the local Spike Jonze. Hehe. :P

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