August 29, 2005

Rants of a Housemate Wannabe

Declined an offer to write for PBB for the nth time. Argh. I feel down. I feel guilty because its really hard saying "no" to a director who gave you so many opportunities in the business. Of course it didn't help when he jokingly told me that "sige Ted, pag ikaw naman ang mangangailangan ng tulong, di talaga kita pakikinggan!" Aaaaah!

So why did I decline ba? Actually, I am also not sure now. Well, I really want to take a break after Qpids. Like when Qpids ends in October, I plan to take a vacation, backpack around Pinas and just work again next year. I'm so drained na kasi from work and everything. I know that reason is very difficult for them to decipher because who am I to reject a very big break anyway? That's Endemol's PBB nga naman! So what do you think? Is my reason mababaw?

Of course I couldn't tell Direk that I also don't want to work for the show because there's still that little hope in me that maybe I can be one of the housemates in the future seasons. Argh. I really wanna play for the show. I get so frustrated every time I watch it and see nary a housemate strategizing about his or her gameplay. Okay, erase, erase this paragraph. :)

Basta, gusto ko lang namang sabihin na guilty ako dahil tinanggihan ko ang offer ng ilang beses. Parang ang labas tuloy, ingrato ako. Napaka-accomodating pa naman ni Direk. Alam nyo ba, tinour nya pa nga kami nun sa loob ng bahay. Nakalimutan kong i-post ang pics dito. Heto...

Image hosted by
27 videos for the cameras inside the house's mini-TOC

Image hosted by
The Pool

Image hosted by
The Dining Area (if you notice, di pa nalagyan ng one-way mirror ang mini-corridor for the cameras)
Image hosted by
Kitchen Area
Image hosted by
Living Room

Bwiset lang yung isa kong workmate, dinelete yung pic na kasama kami kasi pangit daw siya dun! Parang argh, we're in the PBB house for chrissake, di na importante kung pangit o okay ang itsura natin sa pic! Haha!

Anyway, back to my dilemma, ang ending, I recommended the name of one of my writers in Qpids. So mixed emotions ako ngayon because I also feel sad that we're going to end the show na hindi kumpleto ang Creative Team. Hay buhay.

Baguio "Trip"

Had a blast. Think of the words impulsive, hash pipe, and friendship. Will write a more detailed entry later. :)

August 19, 2005


An embarrassing thing happened to me some weeks ago. In fact, I think it’s the most embarrassing thing that has ever happened to me. See, we have this kababayan who underwent heart surgery and since our small town is pretty much closed-knit (yeah, everyone knows everybody!), Darling (a childhood friend who’s also based here) and I decided to visit the kababayan to exchange some pleasantries and to show our support as well. Before going to the hospital, Darling and I talked about some news that her younger sister Honey heard when she visited our hometown for the fiesta. Honey told her that a relative of the kababayan patient died, she just doesn’t know who. Curious as to who the relative is, the first thing I asked the patient’s mother when we arrived was…

Translated in Filipino
ME: (sincerely, to patient’s mother) Ma’am condolence po. N-namatayan daw po kayo… ng relative?
PATIENT'S MOTHER: (uncomfortably) S-saan mo na-narinig –
ME: …um, narinig po namin kay Honey. Uncle daw or…
(Awkward silence)
ME: Condolence po…s-sino po yun?
(Awkward silence ulet)
PATIENT: (voice cracks) O..okay lang Nay…alam ko na po…
PATIENT’S MOTHER: (starts crying) S…sorry ‘anak…hindi ko lang kasi alam paano sasabihin sa yo…pero talagang sasabihin ko naman eh…(sobs)
Mother and patient started crying together in front of me.

I swear to God I wanted to disappear right there and then! Of course, I didn’t think the parents would hide it from the patient who just underwent heart surgery. Argh! I really felt very very guilty. They told me afterwards that it’s okay. Darling also comforted me by saying she would have asked the same question, I just asked it first. But still, argh! It’s definitely a lesson in tact. I’m so bad! :(

ETA: I still feel guilty. :(

August 12, 2005


My high school classmate Janette sent me this collage of pics taken during our videoke session last week and I thought I could whore it to you. :)

August 04, 2005

Censorship In The Philippines

Oh, don't let the title fool you into thinking this is a profound entry, heh. I just wanna tell you that if you're planning to watch Wedding Crashers, don't see it in the theaters. Wait for the DVD na lang. Sobrang chinop-chop ng MTRCB o ng distributors ang pelikula para di makakuha ng R18 rating. Grrrr! I know it's no art film, but still, kainis kasing manood ng chinop-chop na pelikula eh. Grrrr again! :)

Pinoy Big Brother Spoilers

No, I'm not part of the show but like you, I'm also excited how this franchise will turn out to be. Personally, I hope it will become a hit so that rival GMA will hopefully buy a similar franchise (say, Survivor!:D) where I can audition for since I don't work for the network. Hehe.

I don't think this is a spoiler but more of a teaser. See, I've seen the pics of the contestants and hosts already (I won't tell how!:D) and here's what I can share...

*Age range of contestants is between 21-29.
*One female housemate is an FHM model.
*There's also a male model housemate.
*Another half Filipino half foreign blood male housemate.
*There's a stocky dyslexic female housemate.
*A seemingly eccentric male housemate donning dreadlocks.
*The token gay housemate.
*A "Kurimao" male housemate with thick Batangas accent
*Most of the housemates are very good-looking (that's why I'll be rooting for the average looking ones! :D)
*As for the hosts, there's 3 of them. One just starred in a blockbuster comedy movie. The other's a controversial variety show host. And the other one is a VJ for a music channel.

Note to the fans who chance upon this blog, keep this info to yourselves and don't link!