January 20, 2015

2014 Favorites

Favorite Movie I Saw in Theater - Gone Girl 
I unfortunately saw only 14 movies in cinema this year and while uneven, this film tops simply because it took me to the unexpected and made me think about humanity in the age of electronic exhibitionism.

Favorite Movie I Saw on Torrent - Blue is the Warmest Color 
Aside from its excellent aesthetics,  the film features the best acting ensemble I've seen in years.  This is the perfect supplement to Wong Kar Wai's classic Happy Together.

Favorite Song - Sia "Chandelier" 
A song with brilliant songwriting sang brilliantly by singer-composer Sia.  It may have been overshadowed by its equally brilliant music video but the song is a class on its own.

Favorite Album - The Fault in Our Stars (Music From the Motion Picture) 
I didn't even like the movie (I prefer the book), but the album brought me back to a time when I remember the movie every time I hear the songs from its soundtrack.  

Favorite Music Video - 2NE1 "Happy" 
There's nothing landmark about the video but I love its fashion and color scheme that perfectly complement my favorite K-Pop band.