August 31, 2011

Good Vibes Forever!

After 22 weeks (extended from its original 13-week run), curtains finally closed on Good Vibes last Sunday but good memories I have of the show will definitely last forever.

I will always remember the good vibes on the Good Vibes set, thanks mainly to the positive outlook of my hardworking staff and crew. That’s a big deal coming from a pessimist guy like me. I also love that everything on this show is a beautiful work of collab, no big egos, and no insecure pets.

The kids are also a constant source of energy and inspiration. Their enthusiasm and open-mindedness in improving their craft are admirable. I know after the show, they'll graduate to primetime soaps and box-office/award-winning movies. I will, of course, be a proud "kuya" watching them in the sidelines and always remembering that foremost, they were part of the Good Vibes crew.

I will never forget our creative team. They remind me of our team back in Pangako sa 'Yo, very passionate and proud yet the sense of fun and humour are not lost. They're newbies but very talented and promising. I already see them writing future classic drama series on television. Seriously.

Then there's the online community who've always been critical yet supportive, scathing but encouraging. We exchanged tweets every Sunday, I answered their Formspring questions every day, we communicated on Facebook regularly, and we had a sense of community. Because of them, Good Vibes became larger than TV.

These are the reasons why in my heart, cheesy as it sounds, there's Good Vibes forever.

Fish pose with Sam, AP Keina, PA Eric, LD Sherman, EP Justine & Choreographer Rosie

The Pedroza family with Good Vibes staff and crew

With James and Devon, and our boss Direk Lauren Dyogi

Main unit's main crew

Sam and Quen with my female bosses EP Justine, AP Keina and PM Maru

The creative team with Direk Nico & I

Art Department w/ PD Gerry (in blazer)

Camera unit

Post-production unit with master editor Barnett (in red)

With my co-director Nico

More pictures in my Facebook account but sorry, for friends only. :)