August 07, 2015

Three Milestones

I have been very busy since the last time I posted an entry that I forgot to blog 3 life milestones that happened to me this year.

First, after 15 years of working in the industry, I finally got to direct my first full-length mainstream movie.  It took us a year to make it because of our lead actors' busy schedule but it was worth it.  I am sincerely grateful to my company bosses for entrusting me with the project.  I must have done something right because my hard work paid off.  The critics, of course, clobbered the movie but the fans and our target audience were all praises and loving.  We also hit the 100 million mark in the box-office, which is rare for a movie launching a new loveteam.  In the end, doing the film validated my purpose of working for mainstream TV and cinema.  That is, entertainment.

The alternative poster of my first full-length movie "Just The Way You Are

The second milestone was my first trip to the USA, specifically California and New York, which happened March and April this year.  It was a memorable trip like all my other trips.  I met lots of people, got to reunite with old friends, and went to places I only saw in the movies (hello, Central Park!)  I promise to photo-blog my US vacation after this entry.

Napa Valley, California

Third milestone was me finally moving to my own condo unit last May.  I am now independent and living alone.  So far, so good!  For some reason, I now choose to stay at home than go out on my free days.  I am becoming a homebody.  I don't know if that's a good thing or a bad thing.  I am just in love with my space.  Haha!

My bed where I'm seated now doing this blog entry

I am truly blessed. Yeah, I know for some people it means I'm bragging but I really am blessed, and grateful. :)