September 20, 2009

Survivor Samoa!

There are 20 castaways this season so there are less chances of correctly predicting the winner, but if the main arch of the season is whether Russel H succeeds in his diabolical plans as seen in Episode 1, then I predict him OR the one who silently distrusts him (Betsy) to win the game.

Season 19 Picks to win

Russel H


As for the pilot, okay lang. I wasn't expecting that much since the two previous seasons were pretty lackluster. I'm more excited for the next All Star season that's currently filming in Samoa.:)

ETA (01/01/10): I got it wrong. Betsy was the 2nd castaway voted out and Russel only came in 2nd. Not to take anything away from Natalie but I think Russel deserved the title, though. :)