May 27, 2005

Pro Bo

I just realized after seeing Bo lost the American Idol 4 crown to Carrie that I've been pro-Bo all along. He is my American Idol. Not that I didn't favor Carrie's win. I mean, if we based the voting results from the finals performance night alone, Carrie did outsing Bo. We know these singing competitions, the winner has to have that Erik Santos "This is the Moment" performance and Bo just didn't have it that night. I have a conspiracy theory though. I think the producers handed Carrie the win because they want to make money machines out of the two. Carrie needed to win to 'up' her value. Bo, with his multitude of fans (yes, I think Bo won the voting, it's even evident in Kodak) and support from Clive Davis, didn't need the title anymore to make it in the business.

Hay, adik! :) On to the next season. :)

May 21, 2005

Let The Loventure Begin

Oist! Do me a favor and watch Qpids, weeknights starting May 23, right after Memories of Bali, on ABS-CBN. Thanks! :)

May 17, 2005


I'm losing my touch.

I didn't predict Uchenna and Joyce to win AR 7.

I didn't predict Tom to win Survivor: Palau.

And I didn't predict Bo to win American Idol 4.

Yes, I think Bo has the AI4 crown in the bag.

I'll try to do better next season. :)

ETA: Hindi naman pala ako betlog. I just realized upon clicking on the link of my AI4 prediction entry that BO was my brain pick (after Vasquez quit) and CARRIE was my gut pick. Kaya 1 out of 3 pala ako. Ahhhh! Lame noh?! :)

May 13, 2005


Hi all! I figured it's been some time since I last posted so here goes. I just want you to know that I'm still alive and kicking. Hehe.:) I'm busy with work as usual. To those who are wondering when my new show is going to air, I can't disclose the date yet. Let's just say that the company is being very careful in its programming and while they love the episodes they've seen, they want us to launch with another show with established stars to help us in the ratings. (The cast of our show is composed of newbies). I understand their decision so no hard feelings.

One thing for sure, I can't wait for the show to end. For the nth time, I badly need a break. In fact, I've decided already not to take any more offers after the show. This means turning down a movie scriptwriting offer for a teenybopper and a story editor job for a reality show franchise which the network bought. I plan to take a one-month vacation after the show so I can travel around the country perhaps to meet long-lost friends and then bum in my hometown. I also need this, I think, for me to "recharge" whatever creative juices I lost. Heh! Argh, can't wait! :)


BTW, the host of my new show discovered my blog at nakakahiya! Hahaha! What more, he now knows I'm beatlebum of PEX. Yes folks, stars do lurk and post in the message boards. :)