April 29, 2006

I Pity

I got home from work today feeling depressed (again, what's new! :) ) But this time, it's not about me. I pity the housemate who's going to do a voluntary exit tonight. I feel for him. Honestly, I didn't dig him in the early days. I even thought he was just playing for the cameras and acting out his "pity me" story arch. I also got irritated with him when I found out something (that I cannot disclose), which made me question his character. I only placed him to be one of the Big 4 (now, that's a clue although I'm sure any regular viewer already knows who's going to exit) because of his tremendous popularity on the net. But then, my feelings changed upon discovering and finding out everything that made him that way. He wasn't acting. He is really a genuine person who happens to have some heavy emotional baggage to deal with. I wish I can explain further but sadly, I can't. Some things are better left unsaid. All I can do is to pray that God bless him and guide him in his life's crucial stage.

April 26, 2006

Teenybopper Reality

Hella people! I'm back to work again for the Pinoy Big Brother: Teen Edition. Whew! That's right, I'm still with the show. Hehe. :) I hope you're watching it since it will be probably me my last PBB unless they'll accept me as one of the housemates in the regular-looking season. Heh! :) I will definitely be a villain character if they'll do that. Someone like Richard Hatch meets Rob Cesternino meets Brian Heidik of Survivor. Evil, isn't it?! :) But enough of me and I know it's not going to happen anyway. This is rather a post to promote the show and the teen housemates. So please, people, make it a summer habit to watch Pinoy Big Brother: Teen Edition, every night, on ABS-CBN Primetime Bida. :)

Cam whore time! Below are my pictures of and with the "bisdak" housemates I'm assigned to. I like them all! :)

Bisdak KIM


Bisdak MIKKI

Who do I predict to be the Big 4? Mahirap eh `coz I don't know them that much yet, unlike the celebrity season where I have, more or less, a grasp of the personalities of the housemates. Tapos there are housemates who I like pero when I saw the threads, they're not popular with the internet people. Pero sige na nga, baka lugmok ang predictions ko ngayon, but I THINK the BIG 4 will be: ALDRED, JAMILLA, KIM, & MIKEE.

ETA (4/29): Since a new housemate is coming in anyway and they will still be 12, can I change my Big 4 bets?!? Hehe.:) I will replace whoever's going to exit tonight with GERALD.

April 21, 2006

Another Lucky Review

Film review of D' Lucky Ones from The Philippine Star.

The Best Medicine
By Philip Cu-Unjieng
The Philippine Star 04/21/2006

As director Wenn Deramas announced, in a deadpan manner, this was a special preview of his new film D’ Lucky Ones, before it is sent to the Berlin Film Festival. The audience erupted in laughter and quite subtly, the spell was cast, the mood and tone of the night established. D’ Lucky Ones may not find favor in even the most minor of international film festivals, but with the scorching summer temperatures rising, with E-VAT clutching at every facet of our lives, and with our winsome Lipa City mayor still enjoying tenure, D’ Lucky Ones may be just what the doctor ordered.

As Star Cinema’s summer release, the film may very well enjoy the success D’ Anothers had a year ago. Broad comedy, a respectful humor-laden nod to our cinematic and show business heritage/history, a smattering of young stars, and the surprise leading ladies tandem of Pokwang and Eugene Domingo – all form the elements of a movie that aspires for nothing more than to give the audience a fun-laden, side-splitting two hours of mirth.

While Sandara Park and real-life boyfriend Joseph Bitangcol provide the star-crossed love interest, the film is ably stolen by comediennes Pokwang and Eugene Domingo. Pokwang is Sandara’s mother, while Eugene is Joseph’s mother. Essaying characters who are Vilma Santos die-hards, Pokwang and Eugene raise their respective families, and, thanks to their Vilma-devotion, name their children Lucky Girl and Lucky Boy.

Out-of-context mouthing of lines from Vilma’s classic films are a central part of the ensuing humor. Whenever a dramatic moment crops up, the "air in the balloon" is let out via the hilarious use of these lines. It’s great to see Pokwang and Eugene enjoying the freedom to "run away" with the film. These accomplished thespians fill the screen with sympathetic portrayals and laugh-out-loud moments.

Given the ‘70s feel of the film’s color and texture which is reminiscent of Vilma-Edgar Mortiz movies, one could almost imagine how D’ Lucky Ones could have been done back then with Sylvia La Torre taking on Eugene’s role and Moody Diaz playing Pokwang’s character.

Candy Pangilinan, Carla Humphries, Nikki Valdez, JR Valentin, Janus del Prado and Franzen Fajardo provide able support.

In the final analysis, it’s the very real portrayal of what Filipino fan mentality is all about that makes the screenplay sparkle. Sure, this isn’t a socially-relevant, message-laden project. But what it may lack in depth, it more than makes up with guaranteed broad-market enjoyment. Anyone who’s ever held a candle for a movie star, or considered themselves "tunay na fan," will be in stitches over the antics and situations these two "extreme" Vilmanians find themselves in as they reach mid-life.

Vilma, Nora, Aga, Sharon – it doesn’t matter. The "fan" mindset is a peculiar one in the Philippine context, and it’s great to see a film that pokes fun at it, while declaring how much respect it has for the said attitude. After all, this fanbase is in large part what has driven the success of the local film industry, and this fact is not overlooked.

For a movie with all-out fun and laughter stamped all over it, D’ Lucky Ones makes no pretensions of trying to be anything more. So, despite Wenn’s pronouncements, Berlin will have to wait!

April 20, 2006

Lucky Review

Film review of D' Lucky Ones from Inquirer.

Happiest movie of the summer
April 19, 2006
By Paul Daza

AFTER a string of repetitive, formulaic “kilig” movies, how wonderful and refreshing it is to see the inventive new Star Cinema comedy, “D’ Lucky Ones.” A wacky story about two Vilmanians—Lea (Pokwang) and Tina (Eugene Domingo)—who use their obsession with the Star for All Seasons to cope with personal problems, “D’ Lucky Ones” is one rare Tagalog movie that delivers exactly what it promises, and more. It’s not merely the happiest movie of the summer, it’s the happiest movie of many seasons.

Much of the movie’s publicity is centered on real-life lovers Sandara Park and Joseph Bitangcol. Based on audience reaction, however, the movie belongs to the two comedians playing their drama queen mothers. Watching Pokwang and Eugene have a grand gay time with their hilarious but straight-faced interpretations of drama icon Vilma Santos is truly one of the year’s most unexpected pleasures.

In the wake of the scene-stealing antics of Eugene Domingo and Pokwang, the supporting cast barely
has an opportunity to make an impression. Candy Pangilinan’s best line, in which she says that impersonator Jon Santos looks like Vilma but sounds like Ralph Recto, gets only a polite laugh in the theater because it’s been played to death in the TV trailers. As a hunk named “Ralph” whom Lea and Tina are lusting after, JR Valentin doesn’t rise above the story’s limited demands on his character. He was far more effective as the crush of Maximo in “Ang Pagdadalaga Ni Maximo Oliveros.”

Press releases aside, Sandara Park and Joseph Bitangcol have a long way to go before they can become the next Maricel Soriano-William Martinez tandem. Though Sandara Park appears more comfortable and relaxed here, compared to prior screen outings, her partner Joseph Bitangcol looks like he’s constantly acting, always aware of a camera recording his performance, killing any opportunities for spontaneity.

Good thing, though, that the jokes come quickly and abundantly, making it easy to gloss over other rough spots. More often than not, the manic, breathless pacing doesn’t even give viewers enough time to giggle before the next joke is already being set up. If few get the allusions to “Pahiram Ng Isang Umaga” or “Sister Stella L,” there are spoofs of more recent Ate Vi blockbusters like “Anak” and “Bata Bata Paano Ka Ginawa?” for younger viewers.

Under the assured direction of Wenn Deramas, who spoofed Star Cinema’s blockbusters in “Ang Tanging Ina” and who now mines Vilma Santos’ classic flicks for more comedy gold, the gags in “D’ Lucky Ones” are more visual than verbal, relying more on performance than on scripted dialogue. Just seeing Domingo and Pokwang try to dress and look like their idol is enough to plant a smile on your face for minutes at a time. Still, there are some witty verbal gems, like Domingo’s admission to Pokwang that it’s not true she kept a slumbook while in high school … because she never went to high school!

Praise is also in order for the sunny cinematography of Sherman So and Nancy Arcega’s rainbow-colored production design for actualizing the movie’s upbeat tone. Their work makes the world of “D Lucky Ones” look like it was shot from the point of view of a cheerful, optimistic child.

Credit should be given to writers Rose Colindres and Ted Boborol, who had the smarts to use the main characters’ love for Vilma Santos’ movies not just as a gimmick, but as an integral part of the story. Pokwang’s revelation to Sandara about how Vilma’s movies helped her survive a terrible life in Korea was an unexpectedly moving insight on entertainment’s remarkable power to bring joy to the joyless. Now isn’t that exactly what we need?

April 18, 2006

Lucky Hit!

I just got back from vacation. I'm still having a hangover actually, but that doesn't mean it's an excuse not to thank all the people, well all my friends who read this blog, who watched D' Lucky Ones. Thank you very much! We're doing very well at the tills. Everyone's happy! :)

Below are some of the post-premiere teasers for those who haven't seen the flick yet. (You know, the ones where stars rave about a movie! Hehe. :D) Clips courtesy, again, of CF! Thank you! :D

Teaser 1

Teaser 2

Teaser 3

So go, watch na! :)

April 12, 2006

Hard Sell

I wasn't able to attend the special screening because it was also the wedding day of a dear friend but I heard people were laughing out loud to the movie. So if you feel like getting out of the blues and have a good time, don't forget to watch D' Lucky Ones on April 15. Bring your whole family with you. :)

Below are some short trailers, again courtesy of CF. :)

Short Trailer 1

Short Trailer 2

Short Trailer 3

Short Trailer 4

For the flick's full trailer, click HERE.
For the flick's official website, click HERE.

Save Philippine cinema! Watch D' Lucky Ones! :D

April 08, 2006

Pinaka One Of The Greatest!

Kumusta naman 'yun?!? Hahaha! Just saw Cinema One's behind the scenes feature of D' Lucky Ones at talaga naman! Pinaka one of the greatest movie icons?!? Mico del Rosario, andali namang i-edit nun eh! Bumu-blooper talaga! LOL! :) Pero grabe ang taba ko pala. Dumu-double chin! Sabi ko na nga ba eh! A-appear lang ako dapat sa TV pag Survivor contestant na ako. Si Rose kasi, pasimpleng umeskapo! Ang daya! Well, at least, naengganyo akong ipagpatuloy ang pagpapapayat. Haha. :)

Hay, enough of me channeling early 90's Beck and Radiohead. Chillax, chillax people! Watch the pinaka one of the greatest Star Cinema comedies of all time! Hehe. :) WATCH D' LUCKY ONES, OPENING APRIL 15.

Click HERE for the trailer!

Poster Image courtesy of

April 06, 2006

Cam Ho

We had our Appreciation Connivance Party (I'm not kidding, that's what our victory party was called, heh!) last night inside the house. Needless to say, I did my usual round of camera whoring so let's play "Name The Housemate", shall we?!? :)

Your 15 minutes start now!

April 03, 2006

It's Ooover!

Soooobra! I feel so free right now. No more connivance. I can chill already. Well, at least before the brainstorm session for the Teen Edition comes along.

Had so much fun during The Big Night. I wanted John to win but Keanna's win last night was very satisfying indeed. I'm happy she's back to her happy self. Only she can pull off those "Puwedeng umihi muna?" and "Paano ko 'to ipapa-encash?" (referring to the big mock-up check) lines. Puma-punchline talaga! LOL! :)

It was also good dancing along to Sikat Ang Pinoy in the audience area during the ending. Or pretending to dance along. Heh.

We, "connivers", then proceeded for a "debriefing" session after the show. Merriment happened in a 24/7 beerhouse in front of ABS-CBN and while partying till morning was exhausting, I felt re-energized. It's just that hearing the angst of the immediate bosses made my personal angst a little less heavy (a little less lang naman) and I badly need to have that thought specially since I still have one more edition to go before kissing Season 2 goodbye.

Some of the minor "connivers" then went to my apartment after "debriefing" and chilled until the housemates had their reunion in ASAP. Below are some of our pictures from The Big Night to the morning after.