August 26, 2009


I have to document this for my sense memory. I did a lot of things for the first time this year.

I went to Boracay for the first time. Fellow netizen Rev treated his friends to a Bora getaway during his birthday. I'm a lucky one! I had so much fun in Boracay, I will definitely return! Thanks Rev! :D

I went para-sailing for the first time. It happened in Boracay too. I'm scared of heights but I did it! I don't think I will do it again though, unless I'm in the Amazing Race. It was scary kind of fun! :D

I went to Coron, Palawan for the first time. College friend Gen celebrated her 30th in the island. Coron is simply breathtaking! Feeling ko nasa video ako ni Jason Mraz ng I'm Yours the whole time. Coron has that feel! :)

I went kayaking for the first time. Wala nga lang picture at sorry kung ito pa talaga ang picture (HAHA!) but this is Capo beach in Coron where we did kayaking. :D

I dipped in a hot spring for the first time. This was in Maquinit Hot Spring in Coron. Grabe, it was sooo hot indeed, but very relaxing. Siguro mas okay kung malamig ang weather satin.

I snorkeled and swam in deep ocean and lake water for the first time. May life jacket nga lang but still, you have to give me credit for it! Haha! It was one of the most memorable experiences I had! First time ko rin yatang maligo sa lake. Hehe.

I hope I can still experience a lot of good firsts before the year ends. I also realized that despite some hardships, I'm still fortunate and blessed. Awwww. Thank you Jesus! :)

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