January 13, 2016

Be My Lady

I don't know if there are still people reading my blog but I sure hope you guys watch my new soap opera, Be My Lady.  It starts airing this January 18, 11:30am, right before It's Showtime, on ABS-CBN. :)

January 02, 2016

2016 Goals

Before setting new personal goals, I think it's proper to go back to my past New Year goals just to see if this is an exercise in futility.

2010 Goals

1. Lose weight
Obviously my weight has been fluctuating since 2010.  I gain weight when I have a regular soap.  I lose weight when I'm on taping break.
Present GoalLose weight even if I have a regular taping schedule. Go back to the gym.  Eat in moderation.

2. Stop being tactless
I would like to think that I'm now good in keeping some things to myself.  Goal achieved!

 3.  Learn to swim.
Finally after 5 years, I enrolled in a swimming class last December.  I still haven't finished.
Present Goal:  Finish my swimming classes and be able to swim in deep water.

4.  Save money.
I did move to my own condo unit last year; albeit, still regularly paying the bank for the housing loan.
Present Goal: Continue saving money to be able to pay the loan and buy a new car.

 5.  Finish short.
My short film Ang Asawa Kong si Nikulet was screened in SM Cine Expo last August 2010.  Goal achieved!

 6.  Read more.
Sadly, I wasn't able to achieve this
Present Goal: Just like in 2010, I hope to read one book a month this year.

7.  Go out with friends more.
I may not see my friends often but I now prefer meaningful than multiple meet-ups.  I've also reached that point in life wherein I'm already secure about who my real friends are, even if we rarely meet.  Goal no more!

8.  Lessen internet time.
With my hectic taping schedule, I am forced to lessen internet time.  Goal no more!

9.  Learn to say no.
I did, countless times, and I love it!  Goal achieved!

10.  Stop procrastinating.
This is so difficult especially when one is physically tired or psychologically stressed out.  My work does those to me all the time.
Present Goal:  Learn how to focus!

2013 Goals

 1. Travel more.
I did!  Save for Bicol, I've been to the countries I hoped to travel that year.
Present Goal:  Travel pa more! (Cambodia, UK, France, Sweden, Ilocos, El Nido)

2. Sleep more and early when not working.
This has become a natural occurrence more than a goal.  Goal no more!

3. Direct an MMK episode or a commercial film.
I have been fortunate and blessed to be able to do both since then.
Present Goal: Direct an independent film.  Collaborate with a good writer on your dream project.

4.  Live, Laugh, Love.
This shouldn't be a goal.  This should be inherently embodied.  Goal no more!

5.  Pray. Keep the faith.
I still believe in the power of prayer.  Prayer helps me feel relaxed and stressed-out.  It also humbles me and makes me feel grateful for all the blessings.
Present Goal:  Set aside time to pray and meditate.

To make my present goals ten, I also hope to love myself more and (don't laugh) go back to the dating scene this year.  I think I'm ready. Haha!

I actually felt very light and fulfilled every time I wrote Goal achieved or Goal no more.  I will work hard in achieving these goals.

December 31, 2015

Camiguin Christmas Vacation

Since Nanay died, our family has been spending Christmas away from home. Last year, we were in Tagaytay. This year, we went to my father's hometown in Camiguin. Camiguin's a beauty, but more importantly, we were able to reconnect with our relatives from my father's side. The last time I was there, I was only 4 years old so I met most of them for the first time last Christmas. I must admit Christmas hasn't been the same since Nanay left, but thanks to the love and hospitality of our relatives in Camiguin, Christmas was a lot better this year. We were with family and we were home.

Drama aside, here are my top 10 things to do in Camiguin. :)

Stay in Bahay Bakasyunan, a bit pricey but if you want quiet and relaxation, it's the perfect place.
On the way to Catarman from Mambajao, don't forget to take a picture in the popular viewpoint. Preferably during sunset. 
Dip in Ardent hot spring.
Or if you don't like it hot, you can go to Sto. NiƱo cold spring instead.

Eat kiping, a local delicacy that's like a crepe made of cassava.

Swim in the majestic Tuasan Falls.

Photo op galore in the beautiful Old Church ruins.

Go to White Island during sunrise.

If you want beach and a Survivor-like forest, Mantigue Island is for you.
Have a seafood feast in Tanguines Lagoon. 

Favorites of 2015

Favorite Movie - Mad Max: Fury Road

Favorite Music Video - Sia "Elastic Heart"

Top 5 Favorite Songs

1. Kygo feat. Conrad Sewell "Firestone"

2. Rihanna feat. Kanye West and Paul McCartney "Four Five Seconds"

3. Drake "Hotline Bling"

4. Ariana Grande "One Last Time"

5. Justin Bieber  "What Do You Mean?"

What about yours? :)

December 29, 2015

Top 10 Things To Do In Hanoi

My sister and I went to Hanoi, Vietnam last October for the first time.  I honestly had low expectations going there but the trip exceeded my expectations and Hanoi pleasantly surprised me.  The beauty of Hanoi is not only in its charm but also in its people. They are, by far, the most hospitable locals in all the countries I've visited. The city was friendly and safe. Manila should have been like this had it not been corrupted and polluted. The side trips we had were also amazing. Ninh Binh is a beauty and Halong Bay definitely deserves its status as one of the wonders of the world.

To those planning to visit Hanoi, here are my top 10 things to do in Hanoi (a.k.a. my Hanoi trip highlights!)

1. Sign up for a free Ba Dinh Square tour on Hanoi EBuddies and learn about Vietnam's complex history.

2.  Stroll around Hoan Kiem Lake and discover local sights and sounds.

3. Visit Hoa Lo Prison and learn about the horrors and atrocities during Vietnam War.

4. Go on a day trip to Ninh Binh province and bike around picturesque Van Lam Village.  
5. Boat along Ngo Dong River and experience having a bad-ass female driver who paddles with her feet.   (We booked our Ninh Binh day trip via Vic Travel.)

6. Back in Hanoi, drink Vietnamese coffee.  Their iced brown coffee is one of the best I've tasted, and I'm not a coffee drinker.

7. Vietnamese pho noodles are a must, but I also recommend that you taste bun cha.  It is the best!

8. Drive around Hanoi in a motorcycle. Or in my case, have a local Couchsurfer drive you around town in his motorcycle.

9. Go on a cruise in Halong Bay (MUST DO!)

10. While in Halong Bay, climb up and go inside Sung Sot Cave. It is the most beautiful cave I've ever seen and I'm not exaggerating.

Feel free to comment below if you have questions about Hanoi or if you want me to share my 5-day trip itinerary.

October 20, 2015

Top 10 USA Trip Highlights

There were many highlights, of course!  But in this BuzzFeed era, these 10 were the most memorable and my must-do recommendation when in New York and San Francisco.

Singing along to my favorite Disney musical Beauty & The Beast in Castro Theater

Climbing on top of a mountain in chilly, windy weather just to get an evening shot of Golden Gate Bridge

Biking along West Cliff Drive while enjoying the beautiful scenery in Santa Cruz, California

Seeing beautiful modern artworks like Warhol's Campbell Soup in MoMa

Attending 3 NY Couchsurfing meet-ups and gaining friends from all over the globe

Exploring the sights and sound of New York Times Square, a tourist trap that I don't mind at all

Having a picnic with lifelong friends in Mission Dolores Park

Getting cathartic while watching the Broadway play The Curious Incident of the Dog in the Night-Time

Wine-tasting then getting drunk in Napa Valley!:)

Exploring cinematic Central Park with both my high school & college friends

There! :) Overall, I enjoyed New York more than San Francisco.  San Francisco was too hipster for me.  Regardless of the place though, nothing beats the company of good ol' friends.  Just being reunited with them made the trip memorable already.

I know I promised to post my USA Trip itinerary but work obviously got the best of me.  In case you're interested, just send me a message and I will readily share it with you.

August 07, 2015

Three Milestones

I have been very busy since the last time I posted an entry that I forgot to blog 3 life milestones that happened to me this year.

First, after 15 years of working in the industry, I finally got to direct my first full-length mainstream movie.  It took us a year to make it because of our lead actors' busy schedule but it was worth it.  I am sincerely grateful to my company bosses for entrusting me with the project.  I must have done something right because my hard work paid off.  The critics, of course, clobbered the movie but the fans and our target audience were all praises and loving.  We also hit the 100 million mark in the box-office, which is rare for a movie launching a new loveteam.  In the end, doing the film validated my purpose of working for mainstream TV and cinema.  That is, entertainment.

The alternative poster of my first full-length movie "Just The Way You Are

The second milestone was my first trip to the USA, specifically California and New York, which happened March and April this year.  It was a memorable trip like all my other trips.  I met lots of people, got to reunite with old friends, and went to places I only saw in the movies (hello, Central Park!)  I promise to photo-blog my US vacation after this entry.

Napa Valley, California

Third milestone was me finally moving to my own condo unit last May.  I am now independent and living alone.  So far, so good!  For some reason, I now choose to stay at home than go out on my free days.  I am becoming a homebody.  I don't know if that's a good thing or a bad thing.  I am just in love with my space.  Haha!

My bed where I'm seated now doing this blog entry

I am truly blessed. Yeah, I know for some people it means I'm bragging but I really am blessed, and grateful. :)

April 16, 2015

Singapore Quickie

Since this has been turning into a travel blog, I figured I should write about my quick Singapore getaway.  Last March, I went to Singapore with my Annaliza family.  It was my 4th time in Singapore and I'm happy to note that it has remained the country where I feel the safest.  Everything was still clean and orderly.  I should say it's the perfect country to bring the whole family for vacation.

This time we stayed in a backpackers inn in Chinatown.  It's called Rucksack Inn.  We had a pleasant stay there because the receptionist was Filipina and she helped us a lot especially with the discounted tours.  We were also in the heart of Chinatown where food was aplenty and souvenirs are cheap.  I would dare say that Singapore has the cleanest Chinatown in the whole wide world.  If I go back to Singapore, I would have no second thoughts staying again in Chinatown.

Team Annaliza in front of RuckSack Inn

I made our travel itinerary for this trip and since it was the first time in Singapore for most of my company, I included all the touristy spots in it.  We went to Merlion Park, Sentosa, and Universal Studios where I got to ride again the fun Transformers: The Ride.  My most favorite, though, would be getting to enter Steven Spielberg's Lights Camera Action studio where we saw how Hollywood does special effects in movies.

Team Annaliza in front of Lights Camera Action studio
Another Universal Studios highlight would be having my picture taken with Sesame Street's Ernie.

Ted and Ernie
We also went to Gardens By The Bay where I noticed this very unique artwork about travelers literally leaving a piece of themselves in Singapore because they love their stay in the country so much.

It took me awhile analyzing how they were able to install this piece.
In my fourth time in Singapore, I was also finally able to go to the top of Marina Bay Sands for a bird's-eye view of Singapore.  My tip would be to go to the Sky on 57 bar, order a drink and be amazed with the view.  It would cost cheaper than booking a tour or staying in the expensive hotel.

Feel free to post in the comments section if you have questions or want a sample travel itinerary of Singapore. :)

January 20, 2015

2014 Favorites

Favorite Movie I Saw in Theater - Gone Girl 
I unfortunately saw only 14 movies in cinema this year and while uneven, this film tops simply because it took me to the unexpected and made me think about humanity in the age of electronic exhibitionism.

Favorite Movie I Saw on Torrent - Blue is the Warmest Color 
Aside from its excellent aesthetics,  the film features the best acting ensemble I've seen in years.  This is the perfect supplement to Wong Kar Wai's classic Happy Together.

Favorite Song - Sia "Chandelier" 
A song with brilliant songwriting sang brilliantly by singer-composer Sia.  It may have been overshadowed by its equally brilliant music video but the song is a class on its own.

Favorite Album - The Fault in Our Stars (Music From the Motion Picture) 
I didn't even like the movie (I prefer the book), but the album brought me back to a time when I remember the movie every time I hear the songs from its soundtrack.  

Favorite Music Video - 2NE1 "Happy" 
There's nothing landmark about the video but I love its fashion and color scheme that perfectly complement my favorite K-Pop band.

December 31, 2014

Tokyo Trip 2014

My first time in Tokyo was meaningful and quite an eye-opener. I was following the lives of overseas Filipino workers for work and got a lot of insight about Japan post-big earthquake. That was memorable.

This second trip was a no-brainer. Went to touristy places, met a lot of people, and went with the flow. Typical maybe, but loads of fun! The trip also came in the right time when I needed to de-stress and let loose the most. The result, one of the most memorable trips I've had!

Roppongi Hills
I had my high school classmate Cherry May as company for the first 3 days of my trip. She had been traveling South Korea & Japan for 3 weeks. I joined her in her Tokyo leg. This was our first Tokyo lunch together in a katsu restaurant in Roppongi Hills.

After lunch, we explored Ginza, Tokyo's main shopping district.

Believe it or not, this was at 4:30 in the afternoon. They have longer nights during winter. I'm a tropical boy so darkness around this time is unusual to me.

Tokyo Metropolitan Government Office observatory
We then went to Tokyo Metropolitan Government Office observatory for a free bird's eye view of the city. It was a bit disappointing because the observatory was crowded with shops selling souvenir items and there's even a restaurant at the center. It also didn't provide a 360-degree view of the city. But hey it's for free!

The film geek in me got excited when Cherry May suggested we eat dinner in Gonpachi. This was one of the film locations of Quentin Tarantino's Kill Bill. This was definitely a highlight! Didn't care much about the food. All I thought was I was effin eating dinner in Kill Bill's location.

Looks familiar, Kill Bill fans?

Hachiko Statue
I just realized my Day 1 in Tokyo was sort of a cineaste day. We went to Hachiko's statue next, Tokyo's most popular dog immortalized in a film.

Shibuya Crossing
Next to Hachiko's exit is the famous Shibuya crossing. Lost In Translation fans are for surely familiar with this one. It's Tokyo's version of New York's Time Square. The Crossing wasn't too crowded that night but they said that when it's really crowded, you will find yourself walking around in a daze.

Imperial Palace East Garden
We started our second day by walking to the Imperial Palace East Garden, which is just near our hostel. It's the only part of the palace area that's open to the public.  The garden was huge with many exits. We found ourselves lost and could not find the exit that will give us a glimpse of the palace. Or can we really glimpse the palace from the East Garden? That is something I still do not know. :)

Next stop was Sensoji, Tokyo's famous temple in Asakusa. So what's the difference between a temple and a shrine in Japan? A temple is Buddhism's place of worship. Shrine is for Shinto.

Nakamise Dori
Before reaching Senso-ji, you'll have to walk along Nakamise Dori. It's 200 meters of stalls selling all kinds of souvenirs. Smart businessmen!

Sumida Park
From Senso-ji, we walked our way to Tokyo Skytree. On our way there, we passed by Sumida Park which has a good view of Tokyo's newest landmark.  When we arrived in Tokyo Skytree, however, we were told to wait for 2 hours to be able to buy entrance tickets. We couldn't wait for long since we're meeting some people in Harajuku station. No luck with observatory towers so far!

We arrived a little early in Harajuku station so we decided to stop by Meiji-jingu Shrine, another famous Tokyo landmark near Harajuku. This is the entrance to the path leading to the shrine.  It turned out to be a very long path. We decided to head back to Harajuku station so we won't miss the meeting. Mobile charges are expensive and there are only a few free wifi spots in Tokyo. Meiji next time!

The people we met in Harajuku were Carey (2nd to the left) and Ryo (rightmost). Carey is a fellow Sillimanian living in Yokohama and was referred to Cherry May by a mutual friend on Facebook. Ryo is a Japanese Couchsurfer who studied English for 2 months in Quezon City. We met them for the first time that day and they guided us in exploring Omotesando Hills. We were joined later by Carey's half-Japanese friend Hero (2nd to the right) for an afternoon of kwentuhan and chikahan.  Instant friendship thanks to technology!:)

Come night-time, Cherry May and I joined fellow backpackers in a Couchsurfer's meet-up in Hub, a British pub in Shibuya. This was another highlight as I got to know people of different nationalities with different stories to tell. Hub was just the starting point of a crazy, fun night with these Couchsurfers!

You do not go to Tokyo without experiencing karaoke! From Hub, we transferred to a karaoke place in Shibuya where we sang the night away and drank more alcohol.

n the end, only four survived the karaoke party! LOL! French Vincent (2nd to the left), Finnish Arttu (3rd to the left) and Two Filipinos (represent! :D)

Yoshiba Chanko Nabe
We started Day 3 by eating lunch in Yoshiba Chanko Nabe. Chanko Nabe is sumo wrestler's food (see big pot) and Yoshiba is a hole-in-the-wall resto owned by a former sumo wrestler.

Yoshiba Chanko Nabe
There's a sumo ring inside the restaurant. How cool is that?

Ryogoku Kokugikan
Unfortunately for us, it wasn't sumo tournament season.  So we just contended ourselves taking pictures in front of the mural of Ryogoku Kokugikan, Tokyo's sumo stadium.

Gundam Cafe
We then explored Akihabara, Japan's anime and electronics center. Our first stop was Gundam Cafe. The cafe shows non-stop Gundam videos but other than that, it's just another typical cafe.

We also went to Yodabashi, Akihabara's biggest electronic department store. It has 5 or 6 floors of electronic products. If I had the money, my lazy self would buy the robot vacuum cleaner from that store. I haven't seen anything like that!  A fellow Korean backpacker from the hostel joined us here.

We also went inside M, a 5-floor sex shop. We weren't prepared to see the different sex toys that the store is selling. Hahaha! Visiting the shop was quite an experience, I should say. No, this is not M but one of the busy streets in Akihabara. Taking pictures are not allowed inside the shop.

Kyusyu Jangara

Carey met us again in Harajuku and she brought us to her favorite ramen place Kyusyu Jangara Ramen. I love their ramen too!

Takeshita Dori
After dinner, we explored Takeshita Street in Harajuku and ate in Marion Crepes for dessert.  We also went inside the biggest Daiso store in Takeshita and in the biggest toy store in nearby Omotesando that is Kiddyland. I was able to buy some affordable One Piece items in Kiddyland for my godchildren.

Robot Restaurant
Cherry May and I then went to watch a show in Shinjuku's famous robot restaurant. I think I first saw this restaurant on TV in an episode of The Amazing Race.  The show was a tacky, cluttered and weird musical variety show but once the robots came out, it didn't matter anymore. The robots stole the show!

Robot Restaurant
Robot and I!:)

Tsukiji Market
Day 4 was the day I started touring Tokyo alone. My first stop was Tsukiji market to eat in the best sushi place in town, Sushidai. This was me falling in line outside.

Finally got in after 3 hours (yes sir!) for an authentic sushi experience! The chefs prepared the sushi in front of the customers. They also taught us the best way to eat sushi. That is, you eat it with your hands.  My favorite sushi in Sushi-dai was the eel and fatty tuna sushi. Nomnom!

Ginza Kabukiza Theater
I then watched a one-act play in Ginza's Kabukiza theater. The play was in Japanese language so I rented the English audio guide. Must be because I was tired or maybe because I didn't understand/feel a thing, or maybe Kabuki is not just for me, but I slept through the play after a few minutes. I will  charge this to experience.

New Otani Hotel
Dinner time, Cherry May and I met with our high school classmate Cris Jude. We only found out Cris Jude was in Tokyo during the trip through her friend Chrissie who saw our pictures on Facebook. She treated us to dinner in a revolving sky restaurant on top of New Otani Hotel. It was classy! :))

5th Station, Mount Fuji
I went out of Tokyo on Day 5 and joined a Viator tour to Mount Fuji in Kanagawa Prefecture. We were lucky that Mount Fuji showed up on the day of the tour (Para rin kasi siyang Bulkang Mayon, di nagpapakita minsan). However, we were not prepared by the strong winds and cold temperature (-2 degrees celsius) in the 5th Station of Mount Fuji (the highest station accessible to transportation).   It was so windy and cold, standing outside to take a picture with Mount Fuji in the background was sooo hard because you needed to maintain your balance.  Opening your eyes was also a chore because of the strong winds. This was already my best shot with Mount Fuji. Hahaha!

Hakone-en Aquarium
The weather was so windy that day, our tour decided to do a detour from riding the cable car to visiting Hakone-en Aquarium.  Honestly, if you've been to Manila Ocean Park, this one was rather underwhelming. There were only a few species of fish and most of them can be found in the Philippines.

Lake Ashi
The next part of the tour was the Lake Ashi cruise. Can you actually be in a cruise that lasts only for 20 minutes? I want my money back, Viator! :)) I'm charging this again to experience.  La

Odawara Station
I guess the tour saved the best for last. Last part of the tour was the shinkansen/bullet train ride from Odawara to Tokyo. We went to Odawara from Tokyo riding a bus for 3 hours. Riding the shinkansen back to Tokyo, it only took 30 minutes. Wow!

I was supposed to leave for the Philippines already on Day 6 but i had sooo much fun, I decided to extend my vacation upon finding out our film shooting was cancelled. Yep, that's me, very impulsive! Thing was, I had to find another accommodation because the hostel was already fully booked. Thankfully, I found one in Roppongi through Air BNB. This was it, a sample of a small apartment unit in Tokyo.

Mori Art Museum
I decided to explore Roppongi and my first stop was the Mori Art Museum where there was an exhibit by Lee Ming Wei and His Relations. It was my first time to enter an exhibit that's participatory and my first intro to relational arts. Everything in that exhibit was interactive. One exhibit had visitors giving old clothes to the artist who then repaired the clothes while visitors shared their personal stories. At the end of the exhibit, he would have an installation of all the old clothes. :))

Mori Art Museum
I was also lucky that the Tim Burton exhibition was still ongoing in Mori Art Museum. As a cineaste, the exhibit was just marvelous and insightful. I appreciated my work more after seeing the exhibit.

Mori Tower Observation Deck
One goal that day was to see a bird's eye view of Tokyo in the open-air observatory atop Mori Tower. However, the rainy weather was not cooperating and so I had to contend myself in the closed-window observation deck, which was like a lover's deck. No luck in Tokyo observatories still! Haha!

The late afternoon view, to be fair, was amazeballs! This observation deck was better than the one in Shinjuku because it provided a 360-degree view.

Mos Burger Roppongi
Had Mos burger for dinner. It's their Jollibee daw. Nothing fancy. Just your regular burger with tomato sauce.

Oedo Onsen Monogatari
I then went to Oedo Onsen Monogatari in Odaiba to experience Japanese onsen for the first time. I wasn't prepared to see a big onsen place. It was like a mall inside. There were restaurants and boutiques in the common area.

Oedo Onsen Monogatari
Found new Japanese friends inside the onsen. Weird, noh?! Hahaha! Seriously, nudity there was no big deal, no pun intended.:)

Day 7 had a sunny weather. I went back to Mori Tower and the 52nd-floor rooftop sky deck was open!!! I finally got lucky! That's the Tokyo Tower in the middle. They said it's bigger than Eiffel.

Mori Tower 52nd Floor Rooftop Observatory
That's Mount Fuji in the far background. It showed up again!

Esprit Dior Ginza
My designer friend and frequent Japan traveller Tracy recommended the Christian Dior exhibition ongoing in Ginza. Like I said, I'm no fashionista but I'm a curious person so I went!

Esprit Dior Ginza
Classic Dior gowns worn by celebrities. The leftmost black gown was worn by Marilyn Monroe. JLaw wore the gown in the middle when she won the Oscars. The blue gown on the right was worn by Princess Di during the House of Dior 50th anniversary.

Bar Speak Easy
There was another Couchsurfer's meet-up that night which means, more travel friends!

Meiji Kinenkan
While doing work for PBB Unlimited in Tokyo back in 2011, I ran out of Japanese yen. It was a scary feeling. It was my first time in Japan, I was alone, lost because of the seemingly complicated train system and needed the money to be able to go to my next destination. I asked a few locals where the nearest money changer was and they couldn't answer me. Good thing, I met this good Japanese samaritan. He said I had to go to a bank to be able to exchange money. (Money changers are not common in Tokyo that's why the other locals didn't understand my query). Maybe realizing i'd get lost searching for a bank, he accompanied me to the nearest bank even if going there was a 15-minute walk and was out of his way. I was sooo grateful. But my misfortune didn't end there. When we arrived in the bank, it was already closed. I honestly didn't know what to do at that point. Then this guy told me just to give him my dollars and he'd exchange it to his own money. Till this day, I will never forget that act of kindness. That was when I decided i'd pay it forward and be helpful also to other travellers in my country. I think that was the point when I took Couchsurfing seriously.:) Flash forward to 2014 and I met the good samaritan again. It was good to see Muneo!

Meiji Kinenkan
Muneo brought me to Meiji Kinenkan, a beautiful restaurant with a big garden. He said this restaurant is a popular wedding reception. In fact, he and his wife had their wedding reception there.  True enough, there was a wedding reception that day and got to see a Japanese bride and groom in real life.

Landmark Tower
I went outside Tokyo again, to Yokohama, upon the invitation of Carey. (Or I think I invited myself! Haha!) Here we were with the Landmark Tower, Yokohama's tallest building, in the background.

Carey brought her Filipino friend Mark who was too happy to serve as our photographer. 

An outdoor ice skating rink! The first time I saw one!

There was also Christmas market near the rink. It was also my first time to be in one!

I love Yokohama City! I love Tokyo!  I love Japan and I can't wait to go back! :)