April 16, 2015

Singapore Quickie

Since this has been turning into a travel blog, I figured I should write about my quick Singapore getaway.  Last March, I went to Singapore with my Annaliza family.  It was my 4th time in Singapore and I'm happy to note that it has remained the country where I feel the safest.  Everything was still clean and orderly.  I should say it's the perfect country to bring the whole family for vacation.

This time we stayed in a backpackers inn in Chinatown.  It's called Rucksack Inn.  We had a pleasant stay there because the receptionist was Filipina and she helped us a lot especially with the discounted tours.  We were also in the heart of Chinatown where food was aplenty and souvenirs are cheap.  I would dare say that Singapore has the cleanest Chinatown in the whole wide world.  If I go back to Singapore, I would have no second thoughts staying again in Chinatown.

Team Annaliza in front of RuckSack Inn

I made our travel itinerary for this trip and since it was the first time in Singapore for most of my company, I included all the touristy spots in it.  We went to Merlion Park, Sentosa, and Universal Studios where I got to ride again the fun Transformers: The Ride.  My most favorite, though, would be getting to enter Steven Spielberg's Lights Camera Action studio where we saw how Hollywood does special effects in movies.

Team Annaliza in front of Lights Camera Action studio
Another Universal Studios highlight would be having my picture taken with Sesame Street's Ernie.

Ted and Ernie
We also went to Gardens By The Bay where I noticed this very unique artwork about travelers literally leaving a piece of themselves in Singapore because they love their stay in the country so much.

It took me awhile analyzing how they were able to install this piece.
In my fourth time in Singapore, I was also finally able to go to the top of Marina Bay Sands for a bird's-eye view of Singapore.  My tip would be to go to the Sky on 57 bar, order a drink and be amazed with the view.  It would cost cheaper than booking a tour or staying in the expensive hotel.

Feel free to post in the comments section if you have questions or want a sample travel itinerary of Singapore. :)