January 01, 2010

Counting Blessings

Despite some setback in life and love, there are still a lot of things to thank for in 2009.

My family’s been blessed with good health. My parents are already approaching their 70’s (my Tatay just turned 70 actually) but they’re still strong as a horse, thank God. My family’s also living a happy normal life. Normal is good in today’s fast-changing world.

I was also able to direct my first short film in 2009. It’s still in post-production stage with major comments from my superiors but I did accomplish something I only dreamt about when I was a kid. I guess that’s something to be proud of. And while my future in film directing is hazy, the important thing is I tried (sacrificed 2 years of my life actually) and after all has been said and done, it was all worth it.

A more important realization in the process of making the short is the reality that I’ve been blessed with really good friends who are selfless in offering their help because of their belief in me. Or maybe because they’re my friends and friends are supposed to help each other! I’ve often complained that the reason for my non-existent love life is because people only see me as their best friend but never their partner. I take that back. Being somebody’s partner would be cool, yes, but being everyone’s best friend is way cooler. I mean, who would have thought I could produce and direct a film just for being a good friend? Cool, right?!

Still single since birth in 2009 but it doesn’t mean I was loveless. Yes, I fell in love again. Yes, it was one-sided again. And yes, I got my heart broken again but no regrets. Falling in love in the early months of last year is one of my recent happiest memories. Somebody’s inspiring me again these days and because I’m not lucky in love, the person also happens to be committed so we all know the rest of the story. What’s important though, is that I’m still capable of loving despite years of broken-heartedness and rejection.

2009 was also a year of firsts. It was my first time to go to Boracay and Palawan. It was my first time to go parasailing, to snorkel in deep water and to swim in a lake. I will cherish these firsts forever and will cherish more the fact that I did all these in the company of friends, of friends for keeps.

Lastly, I returned to Direk Lolo’s unit in 2009 and feel so much grateful to be accepted back. I’m the unit’s prodigal son having left after SCQ Reload & Qpids to pursue film scriptwriting, then leaving again after PBB Season 2 to pursue film studies. This time, I would like to believe that I’ll be staying for good and will do my very best to return the trust and kindness the unit has given me. I think I can now say that after almost 10 years of working in the network, I finally found home.

(But since I will always be a wanderer, I will show them that while I may not be the most loyal person when it comes to work, I do give all my heart and soul to every work assigned to me. I hope that would suffice.)

Thank you, 2009 and I'm nervously excited as to what 2010 will bring!

10 Resolutions for 2010


1. Lose weight.
I will enrol in Gold’s Gym Waltermart or Slimmers SM North in January and live a healthy life.

2. Stop being tactless.
I will be more sensitive to the feelings of other people. I will know when to keep my mouth shut and be less "igat".

3. Learn to swim.
I will enrol in Lozada or any swimming school during PBB break and finally learn to swim.

4. Save money.
I should buy my own house in the next 5 years. I should also save enough to fund my next short film, hopefully in 2011. Pasensya na, ambitious! Haha!

5. Finish short.
I will finish editing my short film in the first quarter and not fear if the finished product sucks.

6. Read more.
I will read a good book at least once a month starting with the film book I asked Michiko to buy in Amazon in 2007.

7. Go out with friends more.
Work should never be an excuse. I should go out & reconnect with friends at least once or twice a month. I will be a good friend to everyone.

8. Lessen internet time.
While very difficult, I should only surf the web two hours a day – one hour after waking up & one hour before sleeping time.

9. Learn to say no.
I will not say “yes” when I don’t want to say “yes”. I will not be guilty to say “no”.

10. Stop procrastinating.
There should be no more “later na lang” moments but not to the point of stressing out over everything.

Good luck to me! Happy New Year! :)