February 06, 2006

Reality Check

I miss you guys. I've been very busy these past few weeks for the reality show. Actually I still haven't slept since last night's launch since I had a spotting shift right after. It's fine, though. I don't wanna be stressed out. I mean, work is still stressful but not that stressful compared to my past shows or movies (I think) because this time, I don't directly work for the bosses. Of course, it's just day 1 so anything can happen. Had I been not busy, I would have "blogged" to you about work-related drama which includes some hurtful backstabbings, a major booboo, memorable shoots and characters. But everything's a blur now. Probably because what I'm thinking of is just doing my work well. Or that I just want to feel neutral and not channel any negative or highly positive energies.

Hey, aren't you happy we have two celebrity bloggers in the house?!? And their sites were linked to mine way before they joined the show. La lang, coolness! Haha, geeky! :)

Of course, I won't end this entry without posting the pictures of the housemates assigned to me during pre-show. Hehe!

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Budoy of Junior Kilat!

Image hosting by Photobucket
Mang Rudy!

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Actually I wasn't assigned to this housemate but I knew her way back then, My First Romance days pa lang. Kaya go Mich the Bitch! :)
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I don't have any personal favorites to win but pre-show, I think Bianca, John Parts, Mang Rudy and Budoy will be the Big 4 Housemates.


Speaking of predictions, I predict any among Danielle, Ruth-Marie and Terry to win Survivor Panama: Exile Island! Talagang siningit! Hahaha! :)


cf said...

Yayness! A new entry! :D

I'm really thrilled that the show is off to a great start. The launch party went incredibly well. I'm so proud! (As if I had anything to do with it, 'no?! But yeah... that's how I felt after watching it.)

More power to you and to the show. :D

beatlebum said...

Hay nakakagaan ng loob. Thanks again, CF! :) And I appreciate all the SCs and You Tube videos talaga! Salamat ulet! :)