December 23, 2008

Worst Birthday Ever But...

Kung naisulat ko ang blog entry na ‘to on the day itself, I would have said I just had my worst birthday ever. Kasi wag ‘nang magpakaplastik, wala pakong na-experience na birthday before na ganon kamalas. But I’ve fully recovered now and looking back, yes it may indeed be the worst but it’s also definitely one of the most memorable birthdays. Minus the cheese, it made me realize how truly blessed I am in my 29 years of life existence.

Oh yes, it was also my first birthday wherein I was awake for 24 hours. It started the night before. My housemates and I went to Centerstage for a night of videoke with some friends. Dapat 3 hours lang ‘yung videoke at matatapos kami ng 11pm pero dahil napasarap sa kantahan, na-extend ng isang oras at naabutan na nga ang birthday ko.

I planned sana to go to Javi’s party after to meet up with my film school classmates pero walang pumuntang classmate so I just said yes to a coffee meet-up with a friend.
Okay naman. Napasarap ulit ang kuwentuhan and we ended up talking around 3AM.

Since di pako nakapag-empake and I still have to download some stuff sa net, I decided na ‘wag na lang matulog. I was also scared na baka di ako magising. My flight was at 10:10 AM and I was thinking that I should leave the house by 7 para makarating sa airport ng 9. Mukha namang may sense that time. I did leave the apartment at 7 pero dito na nag-start ang kamalasan.

I super underestimated the holiday traffic. It was bumper-to-bumper from Project 7, where I live, to the airport. Sobrang nininerbyos nako kung aabot pa ba ako sa flight ko. I finally arrived at Centennial 30 minutes before the flight. I was optimistic I could still get in. After all, that wasn’t the first birthday na na-late ako sa flight ko pauwi ng province. Back in 2004, na-late din ako but the aiport supervisor let me in when I told her it was my birthday. Dapat lesson learned na ‘yun eh pero heto nga, I was late again and unluckily this time, ayaw nakong papasukin sa eroplano.

It was so frustrating pero bangag ako eh so medyo hyper pa. Nag-feeling Amazing Race ang lolo n’yo and hailed a cab to NAIA 3. There’s a Cebu Pacific flight that will leave on a later time and I thought na baka pwede akong maging chance passenger dun. Luck, however, was still not on my side. Wala nang slots para maging chance passenger. :(

Sobrang na-down talaga ako dun! Wala akong tulog, pagod na pagod at uwing-uwi na kasi talaga ako. Since Amazing Race pa rin ang feeling ko that time, I felt like those racers who got eliminated during their birthday (Jen of Amazing Race US and one of the lesbos in Amazing Race Asia came to mind.) Siyempre nandun na rin ang lungkot na I had to pay additional charges para sa re-booking ng flight. Wala na kaya akong pera. :(


Ewan ko kung pano ko napagdesisyunan pero while I was already back in Centennial to have my flight re-booked, biglang pumasok sa isip ko na tutal magbabayad na rin naman talaga ako, why not leave Manila na lang talaga that day and go home via Dumaguete in a flight that afternoon. In fairness, the idea excited me! Sanda, my high school classmate who has a travel agency, helped me score a ticket. She was able to get me a business class seat with payment na pareho lang kung magpapa-rebook ako ng flight the following day. Not bad at all! :)

Kala ko tapos na ang malas! Di pa pala mga ‘te! After taking some pics inside Mabuhay Lounge (Sensya na po! First time kong ma-business class at makatambay dun! Hehe!)…

…binuksan ko na laptop ko para makapag-internet while waiting for my flight. Hala, ayaw mag-on! Nabagsak ko kasi siya nang slight nung tumatakbo ako papuntang airport pero di ko naman inakala na masisira ng ganon lang. Iniisip ko pa lang ang mga files na pwedeng mawala sa laptop na ‘yun, naiiyak nako. Kaso wala nga kong tulog kaya wala akong ma-feel. Ang alam ko lang, ang malas kong birthday celebrant.

Siyempre dahil it comes in 3’s, hindi natapos dun ang lahat. Sabi ko kasi iidlip na lang muna ako and so I planned to put my phone in discreet mode. Lo and behold, ayaw nang gumana ang switch button ng cellphone ko! UGH! Can you imagine what that meant?! It meant that once I turn off the phone during the flight, hindi na siya masi-switch on ulit! Grabe, di ba?!? Ngayon ko lang na-realize while I’m writing this na buti na lang talaga at wala akong tulog or else baka nag-breakdown nako dahil sa mga pangyayari.

Buti din na na-text ko si Renair, my high school classmate, before the whole thing happened. He fetched me in Dumaguete Airport and was kind enough to bring me first to the cellphone and laptop repair shops before driving me to OK Pen. Mukha namang naiwan ko ang malas sa Manila because in fairness nga naman, I had a high school classmate who drove me around to where I wanted to go.

In fairness rin kay Lord, my high school classmate Marita gave me the room in OK Pensionne House for free (their family owns the place). In fairness pa rin, even if my laptop was due the following day pa which was a problem since I was already leaving for home, my kababayan Andrew was also in Dumaguete and would be able to get the laptop for me.

Ayokong magpaka-cheesy pero wala akong masabi but thank you sa mga High School classmates ko who went all out para lang magkaron pa rin ako ng happy birthday. Sanda paid for the whole food and drinks in Lab-As Restaurant (they own the place). Hope and Marita bought the Silvanas birthday cake. Chegay came all the way from Tanjay Negros Oriental just to attend my birthday dinner and gave me this cute David and Goliath shirt. If there’s really one thing that I realized that day, it’s how God blessed me with friends for keeps. Maswerte pa rin talaga akong tao! Kaya siguro ang masusukli ko na lang sa pagiging maswerte ko sa kaibigan is to be a real friend to everyone kahit na “mean boy” ko paminsan-minsan. :)

Maraming maraming salamat sa inyong lahat, kaibigan! :)

December 13, 2008

SUHS in Manila!

So anyway, thanks to my high school classmates, hindi naman totally malungkot ang December ko so far. Last week kasi they went to Singapore for vacation and since may stopover sila sa Manila to and from Singapore, nagkita-kita na rin kami together with our other Manila-based classmates. Arhnel and I drove them around and since turista mode sila, naki-turista mode na rin ako and joined them in their picture-taking marathon. :)

Needless to say, I had fun being with them. I miss high school! I feel super blessed to have formed solid friendship with my HS classmates. On their last night here before they went back to Dumaguete, we relived our IPR sessions (that's the Silliman High version of Truth or Dare :D) in their hotel room. Ang saya kasi hindi na siya wholesome ngayon! Haha!

Hay, I really love these guys! :)

The rest of the pics are in My Multiply.

December 12, 2008

Sad December

This is turning out to be another sad December. To think kakasimula pa lang ng buwan. At least in 2006, late December nako "nabasted" nung nililigawan ko. Last year, nasira lang din December ko after Christmas because of what happened to my friend in school. Nasaktan talaga ako for her. Pero this year, save for the visit of my high school friends, parang puro kalungkutan ang mga nangyayari sa buhay ko.

Financially, wala nakong pera at di ko alam kung anong maghihintay sakin na trabaho next year.

Work-wise, di ko matayu-tayo 'yung effin' concept na pinapabuo sakin.

Sa school naman, disheartened nako sa mga nangyayari sa final project ko.

Tapos kanina, I just came from the despedida dinner of a very close friend of mine. He's already leaving for the US for good. Affected talaga ako. Mahal ko ang kaibigan kong 'yun e. Ang sakit pala ng goodbyes.

Alam kong an entry like this usually ends with the blogger eventually thinking of positive stuff to keep things light and hopeful pero pagbigyan n'yo na muna ko. Let me just wallow in sadness.

December 04, 2008

Little Ashes

I wonder how Robert Pattinson's fans are feeling about his new little gay movie. :)

November 15, 2008


Is it really true that in the dating game, the more mysterious you are, the more attractive you become to the other person? And if you're open and honest about how you feel, chances are you will just appear abrasive, desperate and pathetic?

I really don't get it.

November 07, 2008

Casting Call For Student Short Film!

Hi folks! I’m currently enrolled in Marilou Diaz Abaya Film Institute and I’m looking for actors who will act in my student short film “Ang Asawa Kong Si Nikulet”.


What will you do when you find out that your friend is dying?

This is the question posed to a nine-year old boy. Noknok is typical preteen—loves to play and hates girls. But his mother works for a well-to-do couple whose daughter, Nicole (or Nikulet as Noknok impishly calls her) is fond of her playmate and intends to marry him someday. When Noknok finds out that Nicole is dying of cancer, he has a change of heart and makes Nicole’s last days happy and memorable.


- character traits: playful, intense, cute, talkative, energetic, charismatic, street smart
- auditioning 9 to 12 years old but must pass off as 9
- moreno or slightly fair but not mestizo looking, not chubby, can look lower class
- preferably with acting experience on film and television

- character traits: makulit, “girly” girl, romanticist, annoyingly sweet yet loveable and cute
- auditioning 9 to 12 years old but must pass off as 9
- thin, doesn’t have long hair, looks upper middle-class, fair-skinned
- preferably with acting experience on film and television

- Noknok’s mother, laundrywoman/maid, single mom
- character traits: hardworking, toughened by poverty, motherly yet can also be stern, religious
- auditioning 24-30 years old but must pass off as 27 or 28
- morena, pretty pero di na nakakapag-ayos, looks mature for her age, can look lower class

- doctor
- character traits: cool on the exterior but deeply hurting inside, responsible, good father
- auditioning 28 to 35 years old but must pass off as 32 or 33
- can speak fluent English and Filipino, looks like a doctor, clean and good-looking, looks upper middle-class, 5’9” up, fit body

- character traits: maternal, emotional, over-protective mother yet loving and sweet, refined
- peg: Jennifer Garner in Juno or Lucy Torres
- auditioning 25-32 years old but must pass of as 29-30
- can speak fluent English and Filipino, simple yet effortlessly beautiful, soft features, fair-skinned

- Noknok’s teacher
- Character traits: repressed, conservative, napaglipasan na ng panahon, strict teacher, lonely soul, soltera
- Auditioning 30-40 years old but must pass off as 35
- Can speak fluent Filipino, chubby, morena

- Noknok’s best friend, anak ng isang OFW at parlorista
- character traits: pabidang bata, maangas
- auditioning 9 to 12 years old but must pass of as 9
- chubby, nouveau-riche
- preferably with acting experience on film and television

- Must be available within the period of last week of November to second week of December.
- Since this is a student film, actors will only be given “honorarium” but I promise a fun working environment on the set. :)


November 11, Tuesday
1:00PM – 6:00 PM

UFO Pictures Office
G/H-85 Araullo Street, Addition Hills, San Juan

(From EDSA Shaw Boulevard, take a jeep/cab going to Kalentong. Once you reach Nuever de Pebrero, turn right. Go straight until you see Araullo Street. Upon reaching Araullo, turn right again and look for brown gate number 85.)

Resume with picture.
If you have acting videos on You Tube, kindly email us the link beforehand.

If interested, just post your email address in the comments section. You may also forward this ad to your friends. :)

October 30, 2008

Early 2000!

Henry started it by posting his pictures from Sa Sandaling Kailangan Mo Ako. Then Arah followed suit by posting a picture from her Mangarap Ka days. Well, ayoko sanang sumunod. Kaso kanina, while I was in Star, me binigay sakin si Vangie na galing kay Tammy. Surprise, surprise! No, hindi siya picture ko with Piolo like what Henry and Arah are posting but mga pictures ko nung Pangako sa 'Yo and Creative Assistant days. GRABE! Nakakagulat ang itsura ko (at namin noon!) Wala nakong ginawa kanina kundi mag-OMG sa bawat picture! (Sorry John for being OA :D) OMG ang expression of the day kanina actually dahil napa-OMG rin sina Kriz at Henry upon seeing the pics. Pero wala yung level ng OMG nila sa level ng OMG ni Rose pagkakita n'ya sa mga pictures niya. Haha!

Hay! Can't help but long for the good 'ol days but of course, I'm glad I'm over the bleached blonde (c/o Byron Bryant who was supposed to color my hair blue) and acne-stricken face phase! Hehe :)

Here are some of the pictures! The rest are in my Multiply. :)

Creative Department December birthday celebrants blowing the candles!

Pangako Sa'Yo brainstorm in Fontana!

With Yna (Kristina Hermosa) on the set of PSY

October 27, 2008


Just because I enjoy reading people's comments about the Jonas Brothers :)

October 26, 2008


Hay, I gave in din sa cyber norm. Sumali na rin ako sa Facebook. :( Marami palang artista dun. Ma-invite nga yung mga naka-work ko dati at tingnan natin kung naalala pa nila ako or they just regard me as one of the nameless production crew.

Multiply FTW! :)

October 24, 2008


I know everyone's into Gossip Girl because of the bromance and Chair's manipulative games to cite two reasons, but I would also like to recommend Josh Schwartz other sophomore series - the underrated Chuck.

For one, it has the coolest OBB ever!

For the guys, Sarah's a total hottie.
For those who miss The OC, Chuck is basically Seth Cohen as a spy.
And for those who love a cool soundtrack series, this spy comedy is it! Watch last night's 1998 reunion episode, if you wanna know what I mean :D

So to the US viewers, please save Chuck! I know its ratings are not high but I hope the network agrees with what Eric in Gossip Girl said. "Who watches TV on a TV nowadays, anyway?" :)


Oh my effin' gulay! I got all the pre-merge boots RIGHT! Crazzzzy! :)

So THIS is the money shot pala! If it is, then I guess Marlon is the merge boot.

October 23, 2008

Project Runway Philippines Speculation!

I watched the final runway show of Project Runway Philippines last night with Emong and Michiko and based on the audience's response, it's safe to say Aries will win! Go Mindanao!

I don't want to comment about the clothes because I know nothing about fashion but I think it would have been a more interesting show if Mara or Ava was there. I just saw "plain", but then again, I know nothing about fashion.

If you guys are into the show's drama, the booted designers were noticeably rooting for good guy Philip.

And if you're into reality shows, yes, there will be a 2nd season. :)

October 22, 2008

October 07, 2008


Believe it or not, the shoot of Weezer's newest music video for their single Troublemaker has set several Guinness world records! :)

Biggest Game of Dodgeball (100 players)
Largest Air Guitar Ensemble (233 players)
Longest Guitar Hero World Tour marathon (10 hours, 12 minutes, and 54 seconds)
Most People Riding On A Skateboard (22)
Biggest Custard Pie Fight (120 people).

Using the word cool is so uncool but Weezer's really the coolest band in the world! :)

Here's the video...

Click HERE for more Weezer coolness! LOL! :)

October 05, 2008

Emo, Not!

Bigla ko lang na-realize. Nag-5 years na pala ang blog ko last September 29 pero di ko man lang naalala. Di biro ang 5 years ah! Kung anak mo yan, nasa kinder na! (Parang nasabi ko na 'to dati. Haha! :D) Well, siguro naman mapapatawad ako ng "anak" ko na nakalimutan ko ang birthday niya kasi naglilipat kami. Yep, we just transferred to a new and better place. Kapagod siya pero ngayon, okay na ko. :) Kurtina at study chair na lang ang kulang sa kuwarto ko.

Hmmm...gumawa pa ko ng excuses sa "anak" ko (Para naman akong baliw dito! Haha!) pero hindi rin eh. May nadiscover lang talaga akong something sakin ngayon. Hindi ko alam kung lahat ng tumatanda ay nagiging ganto pero naging less na ang attachment ko sa mga bagay bagay. Ayoko namang sabihing jaded kasi ang pangit naman nun. Baka more of, masyado nakong madaling maka-move on. Nasabi ko 'to kasi di nako masyadong nagba-blog tungkol sa buhay ko. I find them trivial na! (As if naman di trivial ang mga reality show blog entries ko di ba! Haha!) The last time we transferred to another place, naka dalawang blog entries pako! With matching pictures pa 'yun ha! Ngayon parang di nako naexcite to share it to the world. Nasanay na siguro o baka di nako KSP (Huwaaaat! :D). Isa pa, never akong naging emo sa paglilipat. Para lang akong nagbihis, yun ba yun? Actually tatlo naman kami nina Bing at ni Michiko na ganon. Tuloy parang naisip ko, ano ba to, ang bato natin! Haha! Si Rose kasi mga ilang araw nag-emo about it! May mahabang blog entry pa siya sa secret blog niya tungkol dito! Sabagay ako naman, sanay na rin akong paiba-iba ng house. Nung nakatira pako sa hometown ko, naka 3 lipat kami ng bahay. Nung high school, dahil college dorm ako nakatira, paiba-iba ako ng roommates per sem. Nung college, ganon din. In fact, di nako nag-bother makipag-kaibigan sa mga roommates ko dahil pang isang semester lang naman ang relasyon namin. Pwedeng it's a UP thing pero pwede ring iniwasan ko lang ma-attach. Naalala ko kasi nasasaktan ako nung high school tuwing nagpapaalam sa mga roommates every sembreak.

A few days after naming lumipat, bumalik ako sa old apartment para kunin ang iba pang naiwang bagay. Di ko alam kasi walang logic at wala namang planting kagaya nang sa mga pelikula pero bigla na lang akong nalungkot!? Bigla kong na-realize, mahal ko talaga ang dating village namin!? Tapos hayun, tuloy tuloy na hanggang sa pagligpit ko ng mga gamit. Binasa ko yung mga dating Hallmark cards na pinadala sakin ng mga high school friends ko (balak ko na kasing iwan dun kasi di nga ako emo di ba, haha!) pero hala, bigla akong na-overwhelm with emotions. . Right there and then bigla akong napa-text sa iba kong friends thanking them for their friendship. (Sorry Sands if you feel weirded out, haha! Your cards and Janette's really stood out for being so personal and heartfelt. Awwww!:D) Nung natapos nako at paalis ng old apartment, hayun may moment na ko na pang-sine. Mga lingering looks! Haha. Late na tuloy ako nakauwi sa bagong bahay. Eh ang Michiko, tinanong ba naman agad ako pagdating ko at ang sabi, "Nag-emo ka noh?!" Hayuuup! :)

Nakauwi ako sa bagong bahay ng gabi na. Unang tanong ni Mich, "Nag-emo ka noh?!" Hayuuup!

Tama si Rose e. Kaya siguro attached kami sa place na 'yun kasi UP siya eh. And saying goodbye to that place means saying goodbye na rin to UP, my home for the past 12 years and a major influence talaga in my life. (Pero sa UP ko rin natutunan 'wag maging emo eh kaya napaka-contradicting ng buhay). More than that, attached din ako siguro dun kasi first apartment ko yun e. First time kong walang roommate ever nung tumira ako dun kaya trivial man pero that's something you know, your first private space. (Since birth palagi akong may kasama sa kwarto. Ganto kasi yun, first 12 years of my life, kasama ko parents ko sa room kasi mahirap lang kami. Next 12 years after that, dormer/boarder ako kaya palaging may roommates. Although contradicting din kasi dahil diyan, nasanay nako na may kasama talaga kaya never kong naging plan na mag solo sa isang studio unit or wherever.) Of course, I worked hard just to achieve that goal of having my very own private space. Sandali, mahaba nang entry. Pagod nakong mag-reflect. Haha.

Siyempre I will not miss my housemates kasi kasama ko pa rin sila ngayon dito. At kahit na naguusap kami dito most of the time through YM even if we live under one roof, ibang comfort and security pa rin ang nafi-feel ko when I'm with them. Ya, kahit na mga love-fool pareho ang mga Midnight DJ writers, I still wouldn't ask for anyone to be my housemates but them.

Naku, nag-blog na pala ko tungkol sa sarili ko. Ngek!

October 04, 2008

Reality Overload!

Thank God there are now new episodes of Chuck, Ugly Betty and Gossip Girl or else puro reality shows na lang ang mga pinapanood ko. Haha! The premiere of Amazing Race 13 was underwhelming noh? Is it just me or the Asian edition really has newer challenges? Nakakapanibago lang na mas excited akong manood ng Amazing Race Asia kesa orig.

Mahirap talaga i-predict ang winners ng Amazing Race kasi parang okay lang sa kanila na walang story arch ang kanilang winners. Example na lang yung hippie couple na nanalo last season na di ko talaga kilala. Haha. Pero predict pa rin tayo based sa story editing ng contestants nung first episode.

I predict that...

Ken & Tina


Andrew & Dan

......will win Amazing Race 13! :)

October 02, 2008


Will this be as novel as Moulin? Will Baz finally win an Oscar? I think I'm going to watch. :)

September 27, 2008

Predicting Gabon!

I promise, this will be my last Survivor entry for now. Haha! It's just that Gabon just premiered and since panata ko na naman talagang mag-predict kung sinong mananalo every season kaya magpu-post pa rin ako kahit nakakahiya na. LOL! :D

The premiere was a bit underwhelming noh? Aside from the penis slip and the HDTV technology, di pa masyadong nakaka-excite. Pero expected ko na rin kasi ang hirap talagang pantayan ng dalawang seasons na pinanggalingan niya. (You gotta watch China and Fans Versus Favorites, guys! Ang ganda talaga! Go to Metrowalk and buy na! :D)

Yoko nang mag-expound, haha, but I based my predictions on gut feel and how their characters are edited (as compared to past Survivor winners and in terms of the season's storyline). Anyway, tingin ko any of these 3 castaways will be Gabon's Sole Survivor. :)

Doctor Marcus

Self-proclaimed bitch Corinne

Ace, the Brit

September 26, 2008

Survivor Philippines Spoilers & Speculations!

5TH UPDATE (scroll down!!!)

It's no secret that I'm a big Survivor fan! I joined online fantasy games! I read Sucks! I love to speculate who wins based on "edgic" (that's editing and logic, for you! :)) I also read the spoilers sometimes. Hehe.

It's not surprising then that even if I'm still hurting for not being a castaway, and even if I think that the show's editing needs to be vastly improved (I already surrender to the bad audio and camera work but give me good storytelling, at least!), I'm still religiously watching Survivor Philippines. The show is just critics-proof for fanatics like me.

What's surprising for you I guess is the extent of my fanaticism. Yep, in the tradition of Sucks, I did some snooping and research to spoil and speculate the outcome just for fun. Haha! :) Time will tell if I got it right but if you don't want to be spoiled, then don't read further.

(BTW, with the show's editing, I doubt EDGIC analysis will work in Survivor Philippines. I didn't factor in editing in my speculations).

READY?!? :)

1. The Lone Rider
As we all know, Castaway Gigit is The Lone Rider. Jessica Soho reported that shooting started last July 24. It would then be impossible for Gigit to update his blog while he's on the island, but surprise, surprise, he was able to access the internet and write a blog entry on August 12. That's 19 days into the game. Interestingly, his blog entry was entitled Victim By Choice. :) He made another blog entry 4 days later so speculating that he wrote the blog while on reward is not feasible.

Speculation: Unless we have a 9-person jury, Gigit is voted out pre-merge.

2. The "Friendster" Connection
Unless you're friends with them, I doubt if you can access the Friendster profiles of the castaways. They've placed their profiles in private mode. However, before the show was aired, I was able to access some of their accounts and the connections I found are very interesting.

Discovery: JC is friends with Nikki & Kiko. Kiko is friends with Marlon.

Speculation: As one fan pointed out, what matters is who remained friends after the game. We Filipinos have a habit of adding friends in our Friendster account even if we're not really friends with them so this discovery may not have good spoiler value. What's interesting though is that JC and Nikki are not even tribemates. Were they able to bond in the Loser's Lodge or in the merged tribe? We'll know soon.

Postscript: Days after the show aired, they're no longer connected on Friendster! TPTB might have told them to un-Friendster one another. :)

3. Showbiz Central
After making some nasty comments about Vevherly on the show, Chev did a 180-degree turn and retracted her statements. Did her stance soften because she and Vevherly bonded already in the Loser's Lodge? On the other hand, Chev is still angry at JC. Weren't they able to kiss and make up because JC made it to the jury?

4. Peyups Post
A poster named Kayish of posted a very interesting message in the Survivor Philippines thread.

"cute si farm girl at si nikki in person. everyday kase may nagpupuntang castaway sa office namin kase sister ng boss ko si mommy nins. nung friday si patani and chev ang andun. at si cris pa lang ang guy na nakita ko na kaya di ako makapag comment sa looks ng mga guys in person."

Speculation: Again, the point is who remained friends after the game. Why are they all visiting Nina anyway? Is it because they bonded with her in the Losers Lodge or Jury Cabin? Or do they want to be in her good graces because she's in the Final 2? :) Again, only time will tell but what's important here is who was with whom. Assuming that Patani and Chev went to the office together doesn't bode well for Patani's chances. As we all know, Chev was voted out in Episode 1.

But then again, maybe Kayish is just making this all up.

5. Post-Game Pictures
Thank goodness, a particular castaway doesn't know how to make private albums on Friendster! :) I tell you, these pictures are the real deal! They are obviously taken post-game and based on how they look, you can actually tell who's still tanned and skinny (or those who stayed longer in the game), and who's already regained their natural complexion and normal weight (or those who went to early vacation).


Group Picture

Veronica, Jace, JC, Kaye and Cris lost noticeable amount of weight and still have sunburnt skin. Unfortunately for Patani, Emerson and Kiko, it looks like they haven't lost weight at all (or they've regained their normal weight) and are back to their normal complexion. Rob is thinner but is already fair-skinned.

Patani and Cris

Mmm... really looks like Patani's exposure on the show will be short-lived.

Cris & Emerson

Same with Emerson. He lost weight yep, but compare his skin color with Cris'!

JC, Cris & Marlon

All boys seem to have lost a lot of weight. They still have mosquito bites, noh?!? I'm not sure about Marlon's color, though.

Charice? & Cris

Now I'm not really sure. Is this Charice? I doubt if it's her because she's not wearing the same clothes in the group picture. But if it's her, dang, we could be looking at two of our Final 4 or even our Final 2!

The Bomb!

The first Pinoy Sole Survivor?!?


Jury Members (Two of them could be our Final 2)
Cris, Jace, Veronica, Kaye

Makes Jury?

Makes Jury or Pre-Merge Boot?
Marlon, Rob, Nikki, John

Fate Unknown
Zita, Nina, Charice (but if she's the one in the pic w/ Cris, she's surely a jury member)

Non-Jury Members
Chev, Gigit, Patani, Kiko, Emerson, Vheverly

I actually have friends who have direct connection with Survivor Philippines.:) Mica is friends with JC. Josh works for GMA's News and Current Affairs. But I doubt if they'll give me spoilers. You can, though! Share, come on! Let's make this fun! :)

2ND UPDATE (9/30/08):

I was able to get more post-game pictures. Hehe. Kayo nang bahalang mag-guess kung pano ko nakuha pero upon closer look, mukhang mababago ang predictions ko.

While thinner, mukhang bumalik na sa kanyang fair na kulay si Mommy Nina.

Veronica is not as dark-skinned as I thought she was in the group picture

Tanned talaga si JC! My friend Jordan also told me that JC won. Wala pa namang proof but let's be open to the possibility muna. :)

This is Kaye right? Ang itim ni Kaye! And looking at the group picture now, sila pala ni Cris ang nasa gitna. Bakit kaya? :P

Also, I got a comment na hindi si Charice yung nasa picture with Emerson. Sabi ni Happyjam, "di si charisse yung katabi diyan ni cris sa picture. she's nessa valdellon, the vp for public affairs of GMA."



Late Jury and Final 4 Contender
Cris, Kaye, JC

Makes Jury

Makes Jury?
Veronica, Rob, Marlon

Makes Jury or Pre-Merge Boot?
Nina, Nikki, John, Charice

Fate Unknown

Non-Jury Members
Chev, Gigit, Patani, Kiko, Emerson, Vheverly

So far, tama ako na non-jury member si Emerson. Sino kaya ang next? :)

3RD UPDATE (10/3/08)

1. I just read this interesting post by Trinkets 08 in PEX.

And I quote,
"there was a party last night at the nbc tent. head organizer si jon/john (spell?).. he's really dark pala. and model-ish. andun din si charisse, kiko pati yung may mga tatoo.."

Kung hindi makakababalik si John mamaya, this doesn't bode well for Charice and Kiko's chances because this just means na nagka-bonding sila with John sa Loser's Lodge. We all know naman na di sila close sa current set-up. Ang spoiler lang sa speculation na 'to is the presence of the tattoed guy. Si Cris yun di ba? We all know umabot si Cris sa jury kaya baka wala ring silbi ang sighting na 'to knowing na tayong mga Filipino ay naturally friendly. Hehe :)

Looking at the post-game group picture now though, makabalik man o hindi si John in time for the Tribal Council tonight, it's becoming clearer already that he went out pre-merge. Ang taba n'ya sa group picture sa taas!

2. Isa na namang pasabog and ALAVET!

Angmasasabiko of Pinoy Exchange found this...

Nanay Zita and JC!
If JC's the winner or Final 4 or even a jury member, at nagkita sila ni Nanay Zita after the game na ganito pa sila kapayat at kaitim, no doubt about it, tumagal si Nanay! Yey! :)

BTW, saw my friend Jordan at work today. He told me his source at mukhang credible. Mmm...:)

3. Lisa Asil!

Ah, Lisa Asil of PEX, mas lalo akong nalito sa pictures na pinost mo! This is crazy! Hehe :)

JC and Kaye
Ito hindi nakakalito, from the very start na-speculate ko nang Kaye and JC reached the endgame.

Kaye & Rob
Ito, di rin nakakalito. Mawawala lang ang question mark sa "Makes jury?" status ni Rob dahil obvious na obvious na from this picture that he makes it to the jury (assuming of course, that Kaye made the jury). Potential Final 4 contender na si Rob, sa tingin ko.

Kaye & Kiko
Pero pano 'to? Obvious from the background that they're still in Thailand. If Survivor Philippines really followed the US rules, alam nating ang mga di umabot sa jury ay naka-segregate sa mga jury members. Pinapabakasyon muna sila sa ibang lugar habang nagpapatuloy ang game. Oh well, for now promote muna natin sa "Makes Jury?" status si Kiko. Kahit papano, mas maitim pa rin si Kaye sa kanya diyan. :)


Late Jury (including Sole Survivor)
JC, Rob, Kaye, Cris

Makes Jury
Zita, Jace

Makes Jury?
Kiko, Veronica, Marlon

Makes Jury or Pre-Merge Boot?
Nina, Nikki, Charice

Non-Jury Members
Chev, Gigit, Patani, Emerson, Vheverly, John

4TH UPDATE (10/09/08)

With Nina leaving tonight, Kayish's post (see above) finally makes sense. The arrangement of the castaways in the post-game group picture (see above) is now also very telling. Somebody also told me that the Final 2 consists of two male castaways. That info still has to be verified but for now, let's update our predictions as to who made it to the jury and who enjoyed an early vacation in Loser's Lodge.

Late Jury (including Sole Survivor)

Makes Jury

Makes Jury or Merge Boot

Non-Jury Members

5TH UPDATE (10/24/08)

Oh my effin' gulay! I got all the pre-merge boots right! Crazzzzy! :)

So THIS is the money shot pala! If it is, then I guess MARLON is the merge boot.

(If you want to share a Survivor Philippines spoiler, just PM me. :)

Amazing Race Asia 3!

Shoot me! I actually like Team Philippines this season. Hahaha! TAR Asia Season 3's new episode airs every Thursday at 9pm on AXN.

Team Geofisha FTW! :)

September 25, 2008

Web Therapy!

Hahahaha! :) I miss Lisa Kudrow!

Are web shows the way to go? Is this format the future of entertainment? What do you think? :)

September 18, 2008


Me nag-scan ng high school yearbook namin at kumusta naman ako dito? Hahahaha!

Buti pa sa high school may yearbook. Magti-ten years na mula graduation pero wala pa rin ang yearbook namin sa UP CMC. Tinakot pa kaming di makapag-march pag di magbibigay ng pera. Tapos ngayon, ewan ko kung ano nang nangyari sa pera namin! Ninakaw na yata. Ang nakakalungkot, wala man lang kaming ginawa. Dapat may kaso na e. 'Wag nang pagtakpan ang mga kaibigan! Naloko tayo eh! Hindi na tungkol sa pera 'to e. Prinsipyo nang ipinaglalaban dito! Sa mga mahilig sa Hallmark, isipin n'yo na lang, di mababayaran ng pera ang college memories. Haha! Bigla akong nagkahigh-blood. Tsk...

September 15, 2008

Speed of Sound!

Had a grand time watching with friends the live finale of Pinoy Dream Academy Season 2 last weekend. It surely felt different watching the show as a regular audience member this time. Different here means fun since I was not working behind the scenes. (Live shows are just not my forte! :D)

Inspired by the music or rather feeling "bitin" by the night's performances, we trooped to Center Stage KTV after where we channeled our inner "scholar" and sang our hearts out no matter how bad we, or specifically I, sound. Hence, this video. Haha!

For the record, I was rooting for Liezel but Yeng Constantino forever! :)

September 12, 2008

Career Woman!

This was a school exercise last June. We had to shoot a 5-minute short in 8 hours (yep!) using classmates only as lighting director and sound recordist. Being newbies in lighting and sound, there were difficulties but we managed nevertheless. :)

Personally, I think this cut still needs some fine-tuning in edit. Sound mixing also needs to be redone. Overall though, I think it's a pretty decent first cut. :)

Thank you so much Team Career Woman! :)

September 11, 2008

A Boy Named Sue

Katatapos ko lang mag-AD para sa shoot ng final project ng classmate kong si Alan Marasigan. The short's entitled A Boy Named Sue. Nagpaka Ronwaldo Reyes si Alan dito. Siya ang writer, director at actor ng pelikula. Hehe. :)

Location shooting kami sa Taal, Batangas. Sobrang nakakapagod ang shoot as you can see in the pictures pero enjoy naman siya. Para lang kaming nag-field trip. Haha. Para sa culmination ng shoot, umakyat kami sa Mount Makulot. First time kong umakyat ng bundok kaya di naging madali sakin. 5 straight days pakong nag-gym para mapaghandaan pero wa epek, nahirapan parin ako. Hahaha. But I survived! Mabagal man pero naabot ko parin ang tuktok! Natuwa naman ako. :)

Here are some of the pics courtesy of Bea. 'Yung iba nasa Multiply.:)

September 07, 2008

Survivor Philippines!

Sa totoo lang, nasasaktan pa rin akong isipin na meron nang Survivor sa Pinas pero hindi ako kasali. :( Life is unfair. I really want to be a castaway! Waaaah! Haaay. Ganunpaman, manonood pa rin ako sa 15 kahit na ang sakit sakit...



August 31, 2008


Found this video while searching You Tube for videos of the Eraserheads reunion concert. Tawa muna tayo after last night's topsy-turvy events. :) Get well soon Ely!

August 30, 2008

Fine Time!

Sa mga kapwa ko fans, I hope you'll have a effin' fine time later. :) As for me, tamang trip lang. Di ako bumili ng tickets. Nairita ako sa pagiging disorganized ng concert. Nairita ako sa komersiyalismo. Pero I'll be there. Punta kami ng mga pare ko at mag-eenjoy habang nagpi-picnic sa labas ng concert venue. Kajologan na ito! :D Tamang trip lang din. Ganon naman ang pagkaalala ko sa Eraserheads dati e. Simple at masa. Di ko na sila nagets nung nagpaka-high falluting at nagka-pera na sila. Mas gusto kong maiwan sa memory bank ko ang Eraserheads na 'yun at yung panahon na ako rin ay walang pera pero ang imahinasyon ko ay kung saan-saan nakapunta dahil sa mga kanta nila. :)

August 29, 2008

New York, I Love You

I hope this will be as entertaining as Paris, Je Taime. Mas bongga kasi ang mga directors dun eh. Eh dito, parang nakakakaba ang mga episodes na dinirek nina Brett Ratner, Scarlett Johansson and Natalie Portman. Hehe. I hope they'll prove me wrong. Still, can't wait to fall in love with New York! :)

August 27, 2008

Gen's 29th!

Scarred pa kami sa lahat ng mga panlalait na natanggap namin sa You Tube dahil sa mga videoke videos last year, kaya minabuti naming mag-pass muna sa videoke at i-celebrate na lang ang 29th ni Gen sa Bag of Beans, Tagaytay. Hahahaha! :D

Happy birthday ulit, Gen! :D

August 19, 2008


Yey, may comic character nako! Kayo na bahalang maginterpret kung bakit ginawa akong Spiderman! Hahahaha! :) Salamat sa life partner ng housemate kong si Bing na si Julius Villanueva! Hahahaha! Abangan n'yo ang part 2 ng comic book niyang Life In Progress and buy a copy of the first book kung wala pa kayo. :)

August 13, 2008

The Power of Cheese!

Pablo, Anne, and Francis, you gotta see this! :) Hahahaha!

Aminado naman ako na ang mga sinusulat ko ay pawang keso pero kapag ang keso ay nakakabusog sa kumakain nito, nakakatuwa at nakakataba rin ng puso. :)

Scene from Kelly! Kelly! (Ang Hit Na Movie Musical)

Seen on You Tube! :D

Marami pang ibang version sa You Tube, Pabs! Hahahaha! :)

August 11, 2008

College Videos!

Whenever I feel sad or depressed, I just go to You Tube and view my college videos. They never, as in NEVER, fail to make me smile or laugh out loud. Nakakahiya kami!!! Grabeng I have to win namin! Talagang lahat ginagawa para lang makakuha ng mataas na grades. Hahahaha! :D And I was so manorexic and so gay, nakakahiya talaga! Tinatype ko pa lang 'to, namumula nako. So why am I sharing you these? Wala lang.:D You know I belong to Beck's "Loser" and Radiohead's "Creep" era. Hehehe.

In random order, these are my Top 8 favorite college videos. (The others, you can find in my You Tube account :P)

Pang-history video na 'to. Pinag-uusapan namin ang early stages ng internet! :D At ang more than 1 minute dead air dahil tawanan lang kami ng tawanan, kumusta naman 'yun? :D

A TV youth show with a cyber sex scene involving a teenager character, san ka makakahanap nun? Hahahaha! :D

Talagang pumunta kami ng Circle para mag-interview ng callboy! At ang callboy, nag-stammer sa pagbigay ng kanyang pekeng pangalan! Hahahaha! :D

Talk show ba 'to o gag show?!? Hahahaha!

Razzie nominee for worst acting of an adult pretending to be a kid! Nyahahahaha!

I'm sorry Roy Molon! Hahahahaha!

I'm sorry Michael Josh Villanueva! Hahahaha!

AND I'M SORRY Celery Aganon, Carlo Figueroa, Genevieve Cruz, Ros Castillo, Rose Colindres, Juvy Cuano and Cindy Cayetano dahil talagang classic ang variety show natin at kailangang ma-post ang lahat ng videos! Hahahahaha! Damay-damay na 'to! :D

Peace, guys! :D

WATCH Confessional!

It's my newest favorite film of all time! It's that good! :) Or maybe I'm biased because I'm "bisaya" pero alam n'yo namang bihira lang akong mag-recommend ng Pinoy film na wala akong kakilalang staff sa pelikula kaya trust me on this one. Watch Confessional! :)

August 09, 2008

Bye, Dumaguete!

Bye, bye Dumaguete na! Nag-feeling Travel Channel host ang lolo n'yo kaya pagbigyan n'yo na! Hahahaha! :)

Ngayon, totoong bakasyon na talaga. You know, bahay lang, tulog, nood TV, kain, ganon! Thank you Lord! :)

August 08, 2008

Dumaguete Trip Day 2

I just posted the Day 2 pictures of my Dumaguete trip in My Multiply album. Here are some of them...

I, Pastor Ina Sycip and Hope

SU amphitheater!

Don Atilano!

Birthday girl & Boyfriend! :P

High school classmates!