April 03, 2011

Good Vibes premieres today!

Please watch the season premiere of Good Vibes today, after ASAP Rocks, on ABS-CBN. I'm really proud of this show that's why I hope you'll support my 3rd directorial job for TV.:p

Mana Po Farewell Party

The Mana Po farewell party last Friday has got to be the most fun farewell party I ever attended. Miss Maru was right in her observation after seeing the AVP. We had a happy set.:)

Mana Po, you might be a quickie, but I will definitely not forget you.

Melason and I.

For the curious, I posted some video links from the party on my Twitter page.

Hongkong Trip 2011

Trips like this put some sense into everything.

Chungking mansion in the background. (Hello, Wong Kar Wai!)

At the Avenue of Stars while waiting for Symphony of Lights.

The Peak.

Michelle Yeoh, yo!


Big Buddha.

Cable car. Not.

Ngong Ping Village

Disney, one more time!

Imperial Hotel

More pictures in my Facebook album. For friends only, though.