December 21, 2004


Sunday, went out with my "bisaya" friends in Eastwood. It was also a mini-reunion of sorts since it's been ages since I last saw them. I just treated them in Something Fishy (resto's budget-friendly, I swear) and talked and talked till the wee hours in the morning. T'was fun reminiscing stuff. :)

Meet the bisdaks!

Pajo, Yolanda, and Lawrence were my high school classmates. They also live in the same condo in Mandaluyong. Pajo works in a call center. He used to look like R.R. Herrera when we were in high school. Lawrence is now a med student in St. Lukes. He's an American citizen. Yolanda works in HSBC. Yolanda and I went to UP together. Yolanda and Lawrence are married to each other. (And I don't understand why I have to tell you all of these. Heh.:D)

Save for Alison, the three are my friends from Kalayaan Dorm back in 1996. They're all from Cebu. Unfortunately, most of my Cebuano friends are already based there. (Miss them all! We had a blast during our freshman year). Marlon was my roommate for 2 years back in the old boarding house. He's now studying law. Genee was the blockmate of Yolanda so I became her friend also. She just came from China that day. Bonita was also my dormmate in Kalayaan. She's still trying to finish her masteral degree in Psychology. Alison, I just met that night. :)

Chegay was my high school classmate. She's now a licensed Chemical Engineer and also a regular reader of this blog. Hehe.:) Zen is Honey's roommate. She's the only "Tagalog" that night. She's a film buff like me. Honey is my childhood friend. We also went to UP together. She's now taking up her masteral degree in Geology.

They're all my high school classmates. Budat works under Gokongwei of Galleria. Jannette was a very close friend in high school. (Chegay, Janette and I already lived in dormitories back then. Since we shared the same experience, I guess that's the reason why we became close.) Janette is now a CPA working for Ford. Levy is Janette's friend. Randy is the "bonggacious" one (in his own words, haha!). He's a CPA for Procter and Gamble. Franco was our Dawson Leery in high school. Most of our memorable HS happenings are stored in video form because of him. He's now a med student in St. Lukes.

Love ko silang lahat! :)

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