December 21, 2004


Monday, went out with my college blockmates this time in I.O. KTV, The Loop. We were a small block in college (only 15 in our batch). Unfortunately, most of them weren't free that night but it's all more than fine. After all, it means I can save money. Hehe :) Videoke is also always fun. Memorable songs we sang were Beyonce's Crazy in Love (haha!) and that "turn around" song. I forgot the title. :)

Here are some pics:

THE SOAP OPERA WRITERS. Haha! The three of us all wrote for soaps. I for Pangako sa 'Yo and SCQ Reload. Waterfowl for Kaytagal Kang Hinitay and It Might Be You. Arah for Kaytagal Kang Hinintay and Mangarap Ka. Yep, we all sang the theme songs of our soaps that night.

BITTERSWEET, YEBIN AND I belting out, uhm, I forgot actually but since Yebin's holding the mic, I'm sure it's a Regine Velasquez song. :)

AKO, hindi patatalo as always. :)

WATERFOWL singing FRIEND OF MINE. She dedicates it to...wag na lang. :D

WATERFOWL AND GEN. In my dreams, they're lesbo lovers. Haha! :D

YEBIN AND I. No! No bad dreams. Haha! :D

I AND BITTERSWEET. The Love Below and The Love Fool. Haha :D

GROUP PIC, GROUP PIC! Maraming salamat pipol! :D


Anonymous said...

The "turn around" song... is that Total Eclipse of the Heart by Bonnie Tyler? he-he!

Ganda ng mga pics, ah. What kind of camera do you use? Mine kasi has a really weak flash and it drives me nuts when I take photos at dinner and night-time gimmicks.

~ CF

Anonymous said...

pre! musta na??? mukhang kaliwa't kanan ang mga xmas parties ah!


Miaka said...

Damn! I hate myself for missing this. Sheila texted me thinking I was with you guys. :( I feel so miserable.

beatlebum said...

CF: Tama! Total Eclipse of My Heart! Haha :) Alam mo, cheap lang din ang gamit ko na digicam. Kodak DX3215. 1.2MB or something lang. :)

Sisig: Tama ka! :D

Miaka: Uy, it's okay. :D There's always next time. :D