December 09, 2004


Finally, I was able to watch a movie in the cinema after hibernating (not self-imposed, of course) for more than a month. Together with Waterfowl, who’s having the time of her life celebrating her freedom from two years of soap opera life (It Might Be You will end this Friday), we watched Wong Kar Wai’s 2046. The film stars my movie idol Tony Leung who reprises his Cannes award-winning role as Mr Chow in In The Mood For Love. 2046 follows what happens to his character after he ended his illicit affair with Maggie Cheung’s character in the earlier film. I’m not a film review writer (I prefer discussing a movie with my friends) but let me just say that the film was definitely worth the wait. It is simply sublime! If you love Wong Kar Wai (he’s “like him” or “hate him”), you’ll love the movie because the film screams Wong Kar Wai! :) From the use of Spanish music/60’s classic song/opera music to convey the story to the visual symbolism in cinematography, everything just falls into its proper Wong Kar Wai place. Zhang ZiYi was good, so were Gong Li and Faye Wong. Of course, Wong Kar Wai baby Tony Leung was the star of the movie. He looks older now, far from the baby-face policeman role he played in Chungking Express, but like wine, he seems to be getting better as he ages. Cliché I know, but true!:) Heh!

Watch the movie na lang. :)


Miaka said...

It's been a while since I entered a movie theatre. When are you going home? Juvy is asking for a get-together thingy. I can't this week cause I'm in the night shift but I turn normal again next week. :)

beatlebum said...

sige, textan tayo. problema ko kasi ngayon maglilipat kami ni waterfowl, tapos nagra-rush din kami sa work para makapagbakasyon ang mga tao. sa ngayon, mukhang 23 pa uwi ko.