December 06, 2004

Random Pop Thoughts

I'm supposed to be "pop culture" savvy but I'm so out of the loop these days. Don't ask me why. If housemate Waterfowl didn't ask me to record ASAP Mania so she can watch the farewell production number of the cast of her soap, I wouldn't have known that Camille Velasco is here. Argh. I heart Camille! Voice-wise, I like her better than Jasmine. She's the Fil-Am I was rooting for in American Idol. Had I known she'd be in ASAP, I would have rushed to the studio to have my picture taken with her. Heh.:) I know it's so "reggae slash hiphop slash hippie" but I like her message to her fans in ASAP earlier. She told us to "Thank God, love life and peace!" Ooooh yeaaah. :D


Watched this week's episode of Survivor: Vanuatu and I felt sad. My favorite lesbian biatch (and bet to win) Ami was voted off. Grrr to the other lesbian Scout and tomboy Twila! Haha. :) Ami's my favorite castaway this season kasi. La lang. :)


My friend texted me and told me Wazzup Wazzup's Tadjock Wallace Tik is interested to rent the extra room in our apartment. I don't know pero natatawa ako. Haha. If ever the deal will push through, I'm sure living with him will be a riot. Not that we're closing our door to other peeps interested to have the room. Maybe you can refer some to me, guys. :)

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