December 15, 2004

Our House

Argh, I don’t want to get married. Hahaha! The process of moving to a new apartment alone is killing me. What more, raising a family?! Hahaha! Okay, stop laughing! It’s just that I never thought moving to an apartment would be this difficult and costly. I think I spent half of my writing fees already for the pieces of furniture I need in my bedroom alone. (They will be delivered on Friday so I’m still sleeping in my old boarding house.) Then there’s the electrician and cleaner fees, and I’m already dreading the day when we’ll get the phone, electricity and water bills. Our living room and kitchen are still bare! I plan to subscribe to cable TV, I still have to buy a TV set, and I still have to dot dot dot. Aaaaayoko naaaa!!!! The other day, I don’t know what came to us, but Michiko and I suddenly found ourselves laughing so hard while carrying her heavy computer table up to her room. I think it suddenly hit on us the everyday reality that we will be facing to survivor our apartment life. I did feel a sense of pride when I successfully placed four (4!) electric light bulbs in "watchamakallit". Hehe.:)


Incidentally, we still need one (1!) more housemate. The room downstairs has no occupant yet. If you know someone who’s interested, just tell him/her/them to leave their contact numbers in the comments section or tag board of this blog. Thanks.


Anonymous said...

A new crib! Sarap! :)

beatlebum said...

mmm...thanks. :D who's this? :D

Anonymous said...

Hahaha! Sorry, beatlebum... forgot to sign my earlier message. :)

~ CF