May 20, 2004

Take Two

Fuck! I just saw myself on TV. I am so freakin' embarrassed now. I'm actually blushing while I'm typing this. WHY LORD?!!? Why didn't they edit out the interview? I swear the segment would still be complete without me on it. I mean, they only had me saying two insignificant lines, it doesn't matter if those were edited out! Plus I looked so freakin' ugly. They put foundation on my sunburned face and it came out uneven on screen. The lip-gloss they put was also too shiny. Or okay, it might be because I'm really ugly. What more, I just realized I sound like Carlo Aquino (only squeakier) and I have this annoying geek smirk mannerism when I talk! Yep, I observed all of these even if I only said two lines. LOL!:)

If you have no idea what I'm talking about, just click on this entry.

Forgive me people, being harsh to myself is one favorite pastime. :)


Anonymous said...

Rats! I didn't see your TV interview! Are they airing it again anytime soon?

Most people probably won't even remember seeing you in that interview if all you said were two lines. Of course, I don't know what's worse -- being remembered because you're ugly, or being forgotten inspite of the fact that you were ugly. Hmm... ;) ;) ;)

~ CarlaFans

beatlebum said...

I'm 100% sure nobody will notice my interview except my friends. :) It's that forgettable.

Anonymous said...

So you're safe! :) Your friends will love you no matter how you look. :)

~ CarlaFans