May 30, 2004

Camera Whoring

Had some major camera whoring this past week with some celebs. Thought you might want to look at the pictures. Or thought this might be good publicity for my blog since Retrostats say many surfers were referred to this site because of my namedropping of celebrities. Nah! I'm really just a jologs fan wanting to tell the world I have pics with a real star and today's "in" starlets. :D

Sharlene of Star Circle Quest Kids

Aaron of Star Circle Quest Kids

Neri Naig

Melissa Ricks

Joross Gamboa

Hero Angeles

The Aga Muhlach experience


Miaka said...

Pakilala mo ako kay Aga! :)

missP said...

ako rin!!! haay!! 15 years ko na siyang crush, eh...

margherita said...

hi was searching for joross link for my blog because i saw him at podium last night. but then i found your! nakaka starstruck you work at abs?

Anonymous said...

hi, i just want to meet my idol in person... is that possible?
u can message me at my friendster acnt

Anonymous said...

Pls naman.........Sabihin mo kay Melissa Ricks crush ko sya.Gusto kong hingin e-mail ad. nya!E mail ad. ko I'm John......Crush ko siya!!!!!pang model ang katawan,maganda pa!!!!!hindi gaya ng iba dyan.thank you!!!!!!!!!!God bless you all!Melissa Ricks always trust in God w/ all u'r heart then God will bless you!I love you!

c0ryhart said...

uyy!! i searched for melissa ricks pictures and ur sit came up!! just wanted to post a comment!!