May 29, 2004

Wrong Impulse

What’s wrong with me these days? I’m becoming an impulsive book shopper! And to think I’m not even the bookworm type. The youth show team had an “ocular” yesterday to get the feel of the show’s locations. Of course, being a youth show, a mall location is inevitable. While the others were roaming around the area, I found myself going to National Bookstore where I ended up buying 5 more books. Argh! They are:

1. Interesting Women Stories by Andrea Lee
2. The Dive From Clausen’s Pier by Ann Packer
3. Basket Case by Carl Hiaasen
4. Funnymen by Ted Heller
5. Tishomingo Blues by Elmore Leonard

They’re all books from the 99-peso sale. I actually spent an approximate amount of P1, 200 for all the books I bought. Argh! And I’m not even earning these days! (The youth show will only pay me once the first episode airs and the fees are not retroactive.)

We also went to Malate after and watched the stage adaptation of Joey Gosengfiao’s Temptation Island. At least I had a laugh. Just like the movie, the play was very funny. It’ll run until Sunday in Republic of Malate. Catch it! :)


Miaka said...

I think all the National Bookstores have the 99-peso sale thing. I was just going to buy masking tape yesterday and I ended up lugging four hardbound books home. Ü I was going to buy an new paperback copy for 359 pesos when I spotted the same title in the bargain bin! I ended up paying more anyways since I went through the stacks.

beatlebum said...

Ka-adik di ba?! Sayang kasi, hardbound din yun at mura pa. :D

Miaka said...

korek! m going to other National Bookstore branches tomorrow just to see what other books I can snap up. Hindi na naman ako makakatrabaho ng matino nito sa dami ng naka line up basahin. *sigh*

Miaka said...

Don't get me wrong, I'm deliriously happy about getting the books! ^_^

Vikkicar said...

Bargain books are hard to resist. Nice Blog. Randomly clicked on it with the help of Blogger's Random Blog. Godbless.