May 15, 2004

New Lease

Hello people! I hope you like the new look. Frankly, I don’t like it that much. In fact I regretted changing the template impulsively without thinking that the previous comments would be erased. Moreover, this isn’t the original template that I want. (The “Snapshots” template downloads slowly so I had to change to this.) I just find the font too small. I also don’t like it that the headings at the right are in small caps. The dates per entry and Dave Egger’s quote are also difficult to read. But well, being no HTML expert, I guess this will do for now. Or forever! Heh.


I’m beginning to doubt my decision to accept the writing job. I’ve attended 3 brainstorm sessions so far and something tells me I may not have made the right choice. Or maybe it’s because I don’t share the same wavelength with the head writer. I find it hard to talk during brainstorm sessions because aside from the fact that he dominates the discussion, I don’t think we share the same artistic likes. I am intimidated by him. The fact that I’m an insecure screenplay writer makes it more difficult to conquer my intimidation towards him. Hello, Lord, help me! Argh! This has always been my eternal problem. I’m always deciding in haste. Ano ba talaga, Ted! Ano ba talaga ang gusto mo?!?


My Tatay lost in the elections. It was a sweep for the slate funded by the infamous congressman imprisoned for child rape. (This is no mudslinging, just a mere fact.) My Tatay ran independently. Reports had it that the congressman’s party paid 1,500K per voter and sadly, their vote-buying paid off. My Tatay’s okay but I’m disappointed because this just shows that there really is a need to educate our voters, especially those living in far-flung provinces. I just hope that whoever wins as President gives education a topmost priority. We don't need no education, NOT!

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