May 27, 2004

Where in the world is ...?

I'm happy to tell you that All My Life is doing very well at the box-office. They say its opening day gross is bigger than Milan so that's definitely good news. I just hope the huge profits equate to "bonus" fees for us staff and crew. LOL! :D

Something to look forward to while watching the movie are blink and you'll miss appearances by yours truly (hehe) :

1. At the photo gallery scene, I was the guy with the orange jacket behind Aga.
2. Art director Riza and I were behind Aga and Kristine when they climbed down the ship for Langkawi. I was wearing a yellow shirt and my prized Survivor buff.

Loud colors, indeed. :)


Miaka said...

Yeah Beatlebum! Was at Eastwood Cinemas last night and people were lined up to see All My Life. I'll probably go see it this weekend.
Meron ka na naman palang appearance, just like Till There Was You. heheheh Ü

beatlebum said...

As always! Hehe :) Sabi nila Rose mukha rin daw akong hindi Pinoy. Parang Vietcong. LOL! :D