April 04, 2004

Hard Sell

The thing about working in movie production is that you get to know a lot of insider gossip or even get a glimpse of the star’s personal lives without even realizing that what you found out are big deals to the gossip hungry nation. You also realize that the stars are as real as you and me. Their concerns may just be petty or materialistic for us working class people but they’re still humans. They also commit “booboos”. I could actually talk on and on about trivial and gossip tidbits I know about these stars but I guess, working for the industry also made me jaded. I’m no longer hungry for gossip as I used to be. I don’t know. It just seems to me that the stars’ personal lives are no longer worth my precious time. Maybe it’s because in knowing them beyond their facades, they’re no longer enigmas. Or worse, their real personas actually disappoint.

There were definitely many interesting things that happened behind the scenes of the movie I’m working on right now. They’re all insignificant to, say, the country’s economic problems really, but that’s not the only reason why I’d rather be mum about them. What comes to mind is what happened to a friend who wrote in her blog the juicy tidbits on the set, then finding out later that the stars and staff actually got to read her writings. :) Our stars and my “in” director (now, that’s a clue!) are also famous nowadays so mahirap na. Besides, once the movie’s near its playdate, I’m surely going to promote it on this blog, and you’ll eventually find out. (The secrecy in my “2 Parts” entry is useless then, though those entries were already self-censored anyway. Heh!:) )

Speaking of promotion, the Promo crew decided to ambush interview me for Cinema One’s Take 1 during our shoot last Wednesday. Now, I’m a media-whore but this interview is something I badly want to be edited out. For one, I was unprepared. My vain self tells me that I looked harassed (can be euphemism for ugly) with my dark skin (made darker by the location shoots) and black shirt with faded print. More embarrassingly, I appeared to be selling the movie too hard. I don’t know, I may have gotten too excited or gullible enough to utter what Promo wanted me to say, I ended up mouthing superlatives to the point where (I think) I came out insincere or fake. I need not mention I said countless wrong grammar, do I? Since Promo interviewed me because they thought we’ll have an earlier playdate and they couldn’t ask our shy EP and scriptwriter to talk about the movie, I have a strong feeling (with fingers crossed) my interview will be taken out in the final cut. And I will feel relieved.

Something tells me this entry is just so “off”.

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