April 08, 2004

Lonely Day

Today was rather a slow day. I woke up noontime already and since I was too tired to take a bath so I could go out and eat lunch (I don't cook), I just wasted precious money (ever) by ordering in a fast-food delivery service. After my late lunch, I viewed the shows recorded on my VCR. I was finally able to see last Tuesday's American Idol 3 eppy and while I knew the results in advance, I still felt sad to see Leah La Belle go. I like her. I think the main problem with this season’s Top 12 is that the contestants with really unique voices (Leah, Camille, Jon Peter and John Stevens) are very "amateur" performers. They need to work on their nerves and stage performances. Of course there are excellent performers and singers (like La Toya, Diana, and Jasmine) but I don't see anything special in the sound of their voices. What I mean is the music market is saturated already with artists who sound like them. (Amy and Matt are just great personalities, no more, no less.) That's why my GUT is telling me now that the next American Idol might be George Huff or Fantasia Barino (both giving good performances and having unique sounding voices).

After my viewing marathon, I dozed off to sleep and woke up surprised upon realizing it was 6pm. (Surprised more when I saw that it's raining!) I then went to the nearby mall to catch the last screening of The Passion of The Christ. I know much has been said about the movie but let me just say my piece. I agree with what everyone's saying. :) It's a very powerful film. It's impossible to critique it objectively because the film itself is very subjective. Watching the film actually reminded me of childhood coz I knew the story of Jesus’ last few hours on earth by heart then. And it just amazes me that I still remember it now (me being jaded and cynical in adulthood). While watching, I kept thinking in advance what will happen next and I got them right. I need not be preachy here and tell you the movie’s message. I’m sure we all get it. I like to think so coz I did.

Anyway, my blog’s taking a break until Easter. I say enough of my narcissisms for the meantime. And I also say may we all have a meaningful Holy Week. :)