April 06, 2004

Being Holy

We just wrapped up our last day of shoot before we take the Holy Week break. The scenes we shot were relatively easy but there were hitches earlier. Our lead actor has 2 pimples on his face so our EP decided to pack up the big party scene originally scheduled for the day. (That’s how doctors like Vicky Belo are important to showbiz). As the AD, I had to find substitute sequences right away so the shoot would push through. The downer part is, even if shooting did push through, our EP still decided to hold our paychecks. We are penniless this Holy Week. This is not the reason, of course, why I decided not to go on with my beach plans. I mean, I can always play “backpacker” (like what our Script Con Grace does when she feels like going to Galera). Rose, my perennially depressed friend, also invited me to Galera (though I doubt her free schedule considering she’s a soap opera writer. Been there, done that!) The reason why I’m holding off my plans is because I feel guilty. Yes, my Catholic upbringing still prevailed over my secular wants. So tomorrow, I will start my Holy Week by watching The Passion of The Christ. Thursday and Friday, I’ll probably just stay home, read the Bible and hear mass in UP’s Parish of Holy Sacrifice. Saturday, I might visit my high school friends in their new house or my other high school friend in his condo (depending on who sends the invite first or if I have the zest to go out for that matter). Sunday, mass again. Monday, back to work. There’s no irony when I wrote these, by the way.

Ay, teka! Our shooting will still resume Wednesday after Holy Week. I still have Sunday and Monday for Galera. Argh! I just can’t resist it! Stop the devil, stop!

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