April 17, 2004

Random Thoughts

“Hakuna Matata!” That’s what a veteran actress said when her movie shoot was packed-up due to the lack of professionalism of her young starlet co-star. I think she’s right. I need to stop worrying too much about work. As our gay make-up artist Edna puts it, “Wag ma-stress! Nakaka-cancer!” :)

My friend and Brussels film fest winner Yam asked me to be her AD in her music video shoot for Slapshock. Of course, I said yes. Believe me, from April Boy to Slapshock is such a great achievement already. Unfortunately, I might not be able to accept the “raket” after all. We still have to wrap up shooting for this mainstream movie I’m working on.

My high school friends invited me to Boracay. Said I’ll only need 10 thousand pesos for the trip. ONLY?! I don’t have that much money. After the movie is done, I still don’t know what my next job will be. 10 “kiyaw” is just my roundtrip plane fare Manila-hometown. And I wanna enroll in June. Life’s unfair! Life’s a beach, er, bitch! (Corny forgive me, but I just wanna include the pun! :))

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