April 11, 2004

What else, Happy Easter! :)

With nothing much to do during the break (I obviously wasn't able to go to the beach), I scanned ALL the files in my old floppy disks. Was laughing my heart out when I saw old pics taken during an impromptu gimmick to Enchanted Kingdom with my high school classmates May of 2001. I remember we had so much fun then. We were like kids. We rode all the rides from the wholesome carousel to the scary Ferris wheel (much scarier than Space Shuttle, in my opinion.) I wonder when I can go out with my friends for an out-of-town gimmick again. *sigh!* Anyway, I'm posting some of the pics. Enjoy and Happy Easter! :)

On the way to EK! That's the bus conductor's behind I was trying to grab. :D

Predictably, there ought to be a group pic at the entrance. :)

Rio Grande Rapids! That's my back shot. :)

Is it called Water Log? I forgot. :D

Wee! I SO happy!!! :D

And they SO happy too!!! :D

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