April 05, 2004

Not a beach!

I just saw 50 First Dates (Drew and Adam’s chemistry made me forget the improbable plot) and I so wanna go to the beach now. Can I just say that again? I wanna go to the beach!!! I miss the beach. This is actually the first time since college that I’m not going home for holy week. I would have loved to but I wanna save money considering I have to be back right after for shooting. I decided I’ll just go home when shooting ends so I’ll have a long vacation (which is probably going to be longer if there’ll be no immediate job offers. Yes! The pros and cons of being a freelancer everything!) Going back to the beach thingy, that’s probably where I’m going to be on holy week. It’s certainly an alien concept to me having been brought up to just stay at home and participate in religious stuff during the lent season, and I’m obviously feeling guilty. I, myself, cannot understand why other people see holy week as some sort of a vacation when it should be some time for reflection. Okay, I’m torn now. I just played devil’s advocate (irony?) to my wanting-to-go-to-the-beach-this-holy-week plans. Is it possible to be on vacation while reflecting on Jesus’ sacrifice for us? Am I going straight to hell? Or am I just making a big deal out of everything?

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