March 28, 2004

Blank Space

I so freakin miss civilization! That's why even if I'm tired after shoot wrapped up today (we wrapped up yesterday's shoot 6AM this morning and had to report to the set for today's shoot at 10AM, gad!), I'm forcing myself to surf the web. I can do this tomorrow actually since the next shoot sked will still be on Tuesday, but I'm saving tomorrow for my VCR marathon (2 VHS tapes already filled but unviewed) and if I still have time after preprod work for the next shoot, watch Love Actually (I'm a Richard Curtis fan) and 50 First Dates (Wedding Singer redux?!). I KNOW! :) I also have passes for Ocho-Ocho but I guess I'll have to pass on this one. :D Anyway, I was checking my Friendster account and I got a pleasant surprise. I received an invite from one of my big brothers back in the college dorm I stayed at when I was still a freshie in high school. I mean, WOW! :D I just find it amazing considering that was 12 years ago!

Okay. Nothing follows.

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