October 17, 2003

It's A Wrap

Have you seen that Making the Video teaser on MTV wherein Britney (or was it Shakira?) screamed the words "IT'S A WRAAAAAP!!!" ?!? :-) I've seen it too many times and always, I get irritated with the way Britney (or Shakira) screams them. But hearing those words live and for real last Wednesday, during our last day of shoot, it actually felt bittersweet. I mean, I felt happy and relieved because the pressure from work is already over but I also felt sad because I know I'm going to miss the people I've worked and became friends with from shoot. Forgive me for another Survivor parallelism but again, I felt like I just survived 39 days on the island and even if the experience brought me many ups and downs, and I didn't really like all the people involved; fact is, I'm still going to miss the experience.

So instead of focusing on the negative, I am going to talk about the positive for a change. Heh! :) These are the things that made My First Romance shoot a fine and memorable one.

- The cast. They are all easy to work with. No primadonnas this time. All professionals. I particularly bonded with Bea, Anna and Allyson. They seem mature for their age. Or am I the one childish for my age? :)

- Mico and John Lloyd doing the gay talk. This is just so funny. Imagine hunky hunks Mico and John talking in gay lingo?!? :)

- Shani and Mich, the stylist and the designer respectively. In real life setting, there is no way I would be friends with them (they're way too cool and I'm way too jologs!), but I really bonded with them (especially Shani) during the shoot. Mich is also the epitome of FUN. I will definitely miss my angst moments with Shani.

- Direk Don. He may be a bit OC but I love him! He doesn't curse like the others. Magaan katrabaho.

- The Batangas shoot. We hardly slept during the shoot but I didn't even notice it. I will particularly remember Tita Lisa being drunk and singing Beatles songs (riot!), Dominic showing his butt to the fans (I'm serious!: ) ) and me and Shani carelessly leaving our room key inside. The ending: we had to knock on Direk's room and sleep with him.

- The terms "kaon, Edna, kaon", simplicity (meaning "pa-simple") and "kapitbahay" (meaning "epal") creatively coined by our AD Omar and make-up artist Edna. And of course "you really rocks!!!" :D

- I may have annoyed them but I secretly find satisfaction every time I refer to John Lloyd as Koolits, Bea as Kristine Hermosa, Mico as Bernard Palanca and Anna as Threena (her character in Batang X). Hehehe :D

- Atenean soccer "coach" Alvin and his obvious star-struck mode towards Bea. Also, all the gays on the set were flirting with him and he didn't even notice it. LOL! :D

- Bea and John Lloyd's fans when they're so "galante" and bring food for the staff every time they visit. I love them! :D

- Speaking in "sh" using the colegiala accent. "Kashe, pumunta pa shang shtarbucksh sheh!" "Enzsho! Enzsho!" It never fails to crack me up whenever I hear Omar, Anna or John Lloyd talk like this.

Anyways, we celebrated the last day of shoot via a cast party in Pork Barrel, Timog. It's a beerhouse in the truest sense of the word. Haha! :) I had so much fun singing karaoke and dancing with Mich and Bob, our art director. We sang "jologs" songs like Boom Shak A Lak (winner!) and Barbie Girl. :D

After which, Direk Don (with Direk Manong) treated us to a gay bar. Mich correctly captured the experience in her live journal. A fun read, I swear! :)

Meanwhile, below are my pictures with the three stars of My First Romance - Bea, Allyson and Mich! :D Oo na, showbiz na ako! :D

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