October 28, 2003

Of Buzz and Hype

Watching Freaky Friday (an example of a formula movie that really works!) last weekend, I got to see the trailer of Metro Manila Filmfest entry Crying Ladies. I was completely in awe. It is one of the better trailers local cinema has produced. It is short in length but it leaves you wanting for more (very different from the spoon-feeding of info done by other local movie trailers.) The thing that got me really excited was seeing Sharon Cuneta in an offbeat role. The Megastar plays a hustler in this indie movie! Yes! What the heck just happened?!? A casting coup indeed, and a good move on Sharon's part.:) It's about time she does some experimentation instead of doing the usual tested parts. I mean, nobody contests her marketing clout any longer so she shouldn't be fearful in doing a move like this. Amazing Hilda Koronel also stands out in the trailer. Don't let the title fool you into thinking this is a heavy drama, though. The movie is a dark comedy directed by upstart Mark Meilly.

That and Jeffrey Jeturian's Bridal Shower are the two movies I'm excited to see in the December filmfest. Shani (who works in Bridal Shower as stylist) told me that the script is really good and very funny. Having seen all his past movies, I have high hopes Bridal Shower will be another Jeturian classic. Aside from Mike de Leon and Mario O' Hara, Direk Jeffrey is a living Filipino film director whose body of work (Sana Pag-ibig Na, Pila Balde, Tuhog) is consistently excellent.

So there, Crying Ladies and Bridal Shower are my two "IT" Pinoy movies to see, more than the overhyped Mano Po 2 and Filipinas (the premise of which is sooo The Corrections.)

I just hope Crying Ladies and Bridal Shower live up to my own hype.

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