October 21, 2003

Uber Biatch!

I just got back from watching The Magdalene Sisters in G4. I watched it rather alone because my artsy-fartsy friends have seen it already and all I can say is WOW, what a beautiful and powerful film! Okay, okay, it's a bit (no, not a bit) biased against the Catholic religion but the acting, the direction, cinematography, screenplay - everything is just sublime, you kinda forgive the fact that it may be a propaganda movie. I was actually moved by the film and thanked heavens afterwards that I wasn't born in "pre-historic" era. Yes, the movie's intentions may be questionable but we can't also argue that the story's so real. I must know. I was a former altar boy and I'd seen some devouts being so narrow-minded and unjustly strict with regard some acts of superstition disguised as tradition. Before I get stoned here, I want to clarify that I'm still a practicing Catholic and this is no generalization.

See the movie for yourself to know what I mean. Good movies are rare nowadays.

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