October 02, 2003

Best Friends With Benefits

Our shoot got packed up today so I decided to text my jog partner Rose C. to catch a screening of Kung Ako na Lang Sana, the Sharon-Aga movie. Being former employees of Star Cinema (she still writes for them, for the soap Kay Tagal Kang Hinintay), we easily got passes.

Okay... actually... the reason why we easily got passes was because we were part of the team that brainstormed the movie's concept (you'll see our names in the closing billboard). :) I'll let you in a secret, though. Truth is, had I not been reminded by Guia (a Creative Assistant of the company), I would not have remembered brainstorming for the Sharon-Aga movie. It's embarrassing, I know! :) It's just that the brainstorm happened decades ago (December 2002, if i'm not being OA) and we, like, brainstormed a lot (a lot!) for the two stars that time. The fact that it's the generic (ok, kinda) "best friends in love" concept which was approved didn't help heal my amnesia at all.

But I guess it's a cool thing. To be invited by Star Cinema to brainstorm for them, and me saying something like "...maybe, to help the audience adjust to the uncomfy Sharon-Aga team-up, we'll just cast them as best friends unknowingly in love with each other and, you know, just have them profess their love in the ending already ala the first season of Dawson's Creek..." would result in getting a portion of the concept fee months later and having my name on the movie's closing credits is really really COOL! I like it! :) The phrase "life's unexpected surprises" comes into play.

The movie's a good one, by the way. Direk Joey wrote a very rich and realistic screenplay. The actors also acted well. I mean, for my cynic friend Rose C. to cry in a movie, it must be really good.

As for me, here's to hoping Guia will invite me again to another brainstorm session.

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