October 06, 2003

Confessions of a Couch Patatas

I feel incomplete.

Last week, after a straight 5-day shoot for the movie My First Romance, I was excited to go home to watch the TV shows I recorded on my VCR. Being a couch "patatas", I regularly record my favorite shows and that week was more exceptional since Gosford Park and the Joey Gosengfiao classic Temptation Island were shown on cable. Imagine my dismay when I found out my VCR got broken. I immediately panicked. Not only because I would be missing the last two episodes of Dawson's Creek but also because I know VHS players are already obsolete. (Read: they're already priceless for us, pop culture fans in Third World countries who don't have Tivo yet.) Besides, even if I search Buy & Sell, I know I don't have the money to buy another used one.

So I texted all my friends around my area and asked if they know of an electronic store that fixes VCRs. My former roommate Marlon recommended Mr. Fix It along Katipunan. The store looked "professional" enough so I thought they would provide a fast and efficient service. Well guess what, my VCR has been with them for a week already (they told me it will be done in 2 days) and they still haven't fixed it! What more, if I hadn't texted them last weekend, they wouldn't have updated me about its status. And still they have the nerve to ask for more money since they also just (the key word here is "just") found out that some gear needs to be replaced! I am really angry. These are the days that I wish I pursued law.

Now I'm usually the patient kind and it's definitely not in my character to ruin the reputation of someone's business but you know this is too much! You must understand that this comes from someone whose major vice is watching television. If you're a chain smoker, think about how you felt when the government started imposing a smoking ban in public places. My feeling's much worse.

I'm calling them again later to find out how much they're going to charge me for that "gear". If the amount's incredible, I guess I have no other choice but grab the latest Buy and Sell.

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