October 21, 2003

Thank God it's Friendster

I am embarrassed with my addiction to Friendster. I surf countless hours just to see who I'm connected with. I secretly find myself delighted whenever I receive another ego-blowing testimonial. I readily reply to the countless forwarded "slumbook" emails now put in bulletin board form. Heck, I even want to achieve the most number of Friendsters in the whole wide web! (Do I hear a P for pathetic?!? :D )

Wanting to be a part of anything Pop Culture, my addiction began when I read a news article on Yahoo! telling me that Friendster is the most popular website. I got so curious as to why that I found myself signing up and inviting my friends. It was something that I didn't find anything new at first (I swear, I received a snail mail version of this Six Degrees of Separation thingy back in high school), but when my personal network increased in numbers, I soon realized the joys of being a Friendster. Nothing beats the feeling of finding a friend you lost contact with!


Anna Larrucea is already my Friendster! Being a sucker for "artistas", this is a dream come true for me. Hehehe :D Me, Mich, and Shani actually urged everyone on the set of My First Romance to be a part of the Friendster phenomenon. Actually, Mich (being a famous designer) has many "artista" Friendsters but I vowed to myself that I will only add an "artista" Friendster (or any Friendster actually) if I know them personally. That's why when I found out Anna accepted my invite, I was really shamelessly happy!


The current face picture on my Friendster profile is causing some kinda commotion. Hehe :D (It's posted in the upper right corner of this Blog to those who don't have access to my Friendster profile). The picture is just sooo funny, I guess. It reminds everyone of an infamous photo shoot by the celebrity son of a certain star for all seasons (not obvious, eh?! ;) ). I didn't plan on posing like that, though. It was all Yam's fault. I took some pictures of her for her Friendster profile but being a filmmaker that she is, she wanted me to pose first for her so she could see her angle. So there!

Two of the funny reactions I got from that picture came from my former crush who plainly said "Ewan ko sa pic mo ha" and somebody who happened to pass by my profile (her name is Jezel) who told me that my pic would only get the inside flap because Lucky's already centerfold. Hehe :D And I'm blushing from humiliation.

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