December 23, 2007

Dampa Birthday Dinner!

The day after my birthday, I treated my other friends to dinner in Dampa, Ortigas. Honestly I was nervous because I had no idea how it'll turn out. Aside from the obvious fact that I'm not used to hosting dinner, I also wasn't sure how my friends will interact considering most of them are going to meet each other for the first time. To give you an idea, the people I invited were my provincial friends, my college friends, my Internet friends, my MDAFI classmates who aren't part of Bugaw staff and my ABS-CBN friends. Also, my ABS-CBN friends don't necessarily know each other since they're people I met while working in various TV shows.

Henry told me to relax and in the end, I discovered that I didn't have anything to worry about. My friends got along perfectly well, some even bonding over topics like children and marriage. (Ugh, this is my first birthday wherein my married friends brought their kids. I am really getting old! :D) It also helped that the food was great and we were all hungry.

Here are some of the pictures! (The rest, in my Multiply!) :)

Posing bago kain!

Blowing the candle!

My friends from various shows of Lolo!

Pa-cute with Emman!

College blockmates!

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