December 20, 2007


These are some of my pictures during our our 6-day Intro to Acting Workshop with Direk Laurice Guillen and Sir Johnny Delgado. Even if I'm not an actor, the experience was definitely unforgettable. I now understand "the craft", the importance of "being" and the shooting protocol when it comes to directing actors. More than these though, I rediscovered myself more as I've to dig varied feelings from life's memories. I also discovered a lot about my classmates (that includes our guest classmate Marc Abaya) which I never learned before and consequently, learned to trust them about certain private matters that I normally wouldn't disclose. In a way, the workshop was therapeutic for me and needless to say, it made the class bond stronger.

If you're interested to discover for yourself what I'm talking about, just regularly visit as Direk Laurice and Sir Johnny will offer the full Eric Morris course next year.:)

The class with Direk Laurice and Sir Johnny!

Wrong choice

Revelation si Mamaah dito! :)

More pictures in I, Multiply!

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