December 10, 2007


Yey! :) I'm done with my 2 assistant director jobs for our first short exercise. I assisted Direk Nick for "Waiting" and Miss V for "Red Sneakers" (yep, that's the real title of her short according to her.) Both of them finished their shoot on time which makes me more nervous. I mean, I worked as AD in shorts that did not exceed allotted shooting time of 4 hours, but what if I can't finish shooting my short within 4 hours? Ugh! Friends, please pray for me!

Right now, I'm trying to focus myself for my shoot on the 13th (I still need crowd talents. Text me please, if you're free! :D). On the 14th and 16th naman, I'm going to act for Dan and Danna's shorts (I need a separate prayer from you friends for these two! Hehe). Hopefully, it's vacation already after that!

Anyway, here are some of my pictures during the two shoots. Thanks to Mathieu duuuude and Mariami duuuudette for the pics! :)

Red Sneakers cast & crew


Miss Ina, ito po ang mangyayari..

More pictures in I Multiply!

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