December 20, 2007

Christmas Dinner with College Friends!

Had some sort of mini-reunion with my college blockmates last Saturday night. We met for an early Christmas dinner in a resto in Serendra, The Fort. (Sorry, I can't remember the resto's name! T'was my first time there you see! Hehe! :P). After dinner we went to Gen's condo in Makati to eat dessert and continue making "chika". Too bad I had to leave early because of an early morning call time for a shoot. (Later the shoot got packed up because the director and the AD arrived late. UGH!)

Our reunion may be brief but it was an enjoyable evening nonetheless. I'm already looking forward to meeting you again, girl friends! Hehe :)

Here are some of the pictures.

Juvy, Rose, Ros & Gen!

Juvy & I!

Dessert in Gen's condo!

More pictures in my Multiply account!

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