December 16, 2006

Grand Dream Night, Tonight!

Shameless plugging na naman po! Grand Dream Night na tonight ng Pinoy Dream Academy. Sana manood po kayo. Promise, entertaining ang mga production numbers. Based sa rehearsals kanina, I particularly love Yeng & Jay-R's Himala duet, the use of The Dawn's Enveloped Ideas as the umbrella song of the love medley, the fun production number of the faculty and ex-scholars, Panky's version of Queen's We Will Rock you and Yeng's rendition of her own composition Ang Awitin. Alam ko tight ang mga text votes kaya it's anybody's ball game talaga. Personally, I'm rooting for Yeng to win because after all has been said and done, this is still a talent contest and Yeng has "it"! :) Tsaka pinaka plus points talaga niya sa akin is her being a prolific songwriter. 'Yun naman kasi ang edge ng show namin against PI. May mga songwriters kaming contestants. Kaya sana singer-songwriter na commercially-viable ang mananalo sa PDA.

Pero I think any among Jay-R, Ronnie or Yeng will win tonight.

Mami-miss ko rin ang show na 'to. Honestly, mas nag-enjoy ako working dito kesa PBB. Mas clear kasi sa akin ang konsepto ng show and at the same time, I love music. Mami-miss ko rin ang mga alaga namin ni Marcus na scholars. Haha. Na-assign kasi kaming mga SE's to be the handlers/managers of the scholars while they're inside the academy. Napunta sa amin sina Yvan, Davey, Oona & Nyora. Sadly, walang nakapasok sa mga alaga namin sa Honor List of 6 pero mami-miss ko yung mga one-on-one sessions namin with them. Enjoy palang maging manager! :D And for that, I will post my picture with Nyora. Hahaha!


CF said...

Congratulations on such a successful Grand Dream Night!

Among the duets, Yeng & Jay-R's "Himala" was definitely better performed than the others, so I totally agree with your pick there.

I also felt that Ronnie's "Nais Ko" was the best performed solo number among the Top 6 (musically speaking, ha).

I expected Yeng to win. The instant success of "Hawak Kamay" was what did it for her, IMHO. But my personal favorite is Panky, because of that truly incredible voice. And while she sounded better during some of the rehearsals, I still enjoyed her version of "We Will Rock You". Astig!

I also enjoyed the production number when the faculty all came out and performed.

And the number of votes! Grabe! That's truly overwhelming!

All in all, it was a great way to end a really successful show. Y'all have every reason to be soooo proud. Congratulations again!! :D

beatlebum said...

thanks CF!